Lazy meal preps – chili

A quick pictorial. Prep time – less than 15 mins.

To make it vegan: take out the ground turkey and replace with more beans, peppers and some quinoa (if you’re lazy like me – you can buy this steamable).


  • crushed tomatoes
  • marinara
  • ground turkey
  • bell peppers
  • spinach
  • frozen corn
  • chili beans

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Gon n buy you something nice, sis – daylight LED lights

Yal. So I did a thing.

First let me explain. I am sad in the winter. Depressed sometimes. I feel like a cloud of dreariness follows me around until the days get longer and it warms up.

I️ used to work in a lab in a basement and a few offices with no windows – so some days I wouldn’t see the light of day all day long.

That’s affects my mood. I️ mean physically without daylight we can’t process vitamin D. And a symptom of low vitamin D can be depression. But my vitamin D isn’t the issue – just the lack of daylight bothers me. Continue reading “Gon n buy you something nice, sis – daylight LED lights”