Your size doesn’t make you more or less worthy of love – a post Thanksgiving blab

In light of all the post-thanksgiving “omg I look gross I gotta get back on track” posts – I bring you this rant 😂.

First of all – the few pounds of mostly water weight you gained from thanksgiving is not “omg I’m so gross” post worthy. (See above photo – I’m extremely bloated and several inches gained and STILL cute 👌🏾)

Actually, nothing weight related is worthy of an “omg I’m gross” post.

What if I were to tell you that you don’t have to hate yourself for your weight or size?

Like seriously. There are cute (and ugly) people of ALL sizes. You can dress any body size or shape to look amazing. If you see someone who looks a mess – it’s not their weight that has them looking crazy. And even when I was bigger I could still dress up and look nice when I wanted to.

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I Trimmed My Ends

Alright guys – I know yal hadn’t told me – yal be tryna be nice. But my ends were THROUGH. I have known for awhile bu t last time I did my hair, I couldn’t even unravel my twists without snagging at the end of everyone. Which creates frizz. Which makes me mad af. Day 1 of a twist out I usually have beautiful coiled end. Look at these:

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Thanksgiving Fit Tips

So as yal know I take care to feed my family clean, whole, organic food. My son basically went straight from the breast to almond milk. I love teaching the kids healthy habits and doing the best I can to make sure they have everything they need to not have to learn how to eat healthy as adults.

I’m sure your wondering how I handle thanksgiving. I have a few helpful tips to help you make it through the holidays without forgetting your goals. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Fit Tips”

How’s that Bulk going TY?

So as yal know, I bulk during the winter. I can’t waiitttt sometimes to start my winter body prep. I get to be pudgey. I get to add PB to my shake. I eat food on food on food. It’s lit. Yal it’s so lit.

Last year I started my bulk at the end of July/beginning of August. I gained around 20 lbs last winter.

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Natural Hair and Working Out

So I’ve been getting TONS of questions on how I manage my hair with working out basically every morning. This post will be disappointing for yal because truth is – I don’t do much.

But now that i think of it – there are some things I do that make it easier for my hair to keep on flourishing. Here’s a real quick list. Continue reading “Natural Hair and Working Out”

Gon n buy you something nice, sis – daylight LED lights

Yal. So I did a thing.

First let me explain. I am sad in the winter. Depressed sometimes. I feel like a cloud of dreariness follows me around until the days get longer and it warms up.

I️ used to work in a lab in a basement and a few offices with no windows – so some days I wouldn’t see the light of day all day long.

That’s affects my mood. I️ mean physically without daylight we can’t process vitamin D. And a symptom of low vitamin D can be depression. But my vitamin D isn’t the issue – just the lack of daylight bothers me. Continue reading “Gon n buy you something nice, sis – daylight LED lights”

My baby can run! – Stephanie’s half marathon

My sister and I are pretty close. We are 3 years apart and basically both crazy. So she gets me. I can tell her something weird I’m thinking or feeling and she gets it. I don’t have to explain. I don’t have to try to make it sound less crazy or less weird. She just gets me.

Ain’t she cute? I just love her.

I would dead jump in your fight. I WOULD DEAD JUMP IN YOUR FIGHT now what’s poppin?! 😂😂😂

Anywho, my sister has struggled with her weight her whole life. I’m older than her and I always remember her being a little ‘tubby’ (what we used to call it). Once college hit it got pretty ‘bad’. I never noticed it until she started losing the weight. She blames me for not letting her know she didn’t have a neck. Who knew! LOL

She started working out and counting macros about 14 months ago (yes I assign macros. I’m a macro magician – hit me up for details). Macro counting is a type of flexible dieting where you can eat whatever you want, as long as you eat your target amount of protein, carbs and fat each day. At first she started with workouts hubby suggested, then moved on to running.

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