Maternity Style

Guys, I have never been more excited to have a baby bump LOL

Let me explain. Before I announced, I was always trying to hide it. And when I was pregnant with LB I just felt big. I thought I got too big too soon. And i wasn’t fit then – so I gained a lot of weight (50 lbs the whole pregnancy, probably 10 of that being in the first trimester). So I felt a little self conscious.

This time around, I’m working out and treating my body right. And guess what? I’ve gained 0 lbs and I’m still BIG for 12 weeks lol. And even though it’s annoying that everyone pops up with the same “are you sure it isn’t twins??” question (yes, I’m sure – you know – by the 2 ultrasounds I’ve already had) – I’m living it up.

I wanted to share some of my favorite looks so far. I’ve been on pinterest getting ideas for weeks so I was READY to rock these LOL.

Pics below the cut

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LIIFT4 results and review

Alright guys – I finished ALL 8 WEEKS of LIIFT4. It’s a 4-day a week 30-40 minute program that’s a mix of lifting and HIIT. It’s by Joel Freeman – and looking at him is reason enough to give it a try. But in all honesty – I loved the program!

The extra days off gave a lot of room for cross training (running). And it definitely helped during those early pregnancy weeks when I was super tired to not have long workouts.


Results wise, my results are cleary skewed since I’m pregnant haha. However – I did continually get stronger (raising my highest weights from 20 lbs to 35 lbs by the end of 8 weeks) and I didn’t gain any weight. I was inconsistent with my eating due to nausea but that’s just part of the game right now.

I definitely suggest the program to anyone! It’s fun, it’s effective, and it’s short! haha. If you want to try – hit me up!

Weekend snapshot πŸ’ƒπŸΎ

I’m so excited to be able to share more with my life now that the cat is out of the bag about my pregnancy. So I thought I’d share a bit about my weekend.

When Friday rolls around I am THRILLED to get a break lol. I love being home with LB but it is hard with the pregnancy exhaustion. So it’s so nice to get to the weekend when I have some help from Brian.

We didn’t do much – but we did have a sitter and date night on Saturday 😊. We went to Target for a bit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then we went to a local steakhouse. It’s nice to have a meal without a toddler squirming and interrupting. It gave us time to talk. I feel like that is so important to a marriage. Here’s some pics

I also played around with some make up Saturday evening. I never wear make up anymore. I literally had to go out and buy some because all of mine was expired and needed thrown out.

I’m rusty at it and I wasn’t good before anyway so it’s a work in progress. But it was fun. I also got some brushes and an organizer for my make up off of Amazon for like $13

Which brings me to Sunday. Saturday Brian did some cleaning and organizing but I was so exhausted I kept falling asleep after my run πŸ˜‚. So Sunday I did a little organizing in my closet and some laundry. I’m trying to work on my new wardrobe since my belly is going to keep growing πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

We also rearranged our bedroom to fit a big comfy chair in the corner. With everything moved around it’s obvious we need a few other things to complete the room (mainly, a mirror, curtains and rug) and I also plan on painting our night stands and dresser.

But all in due time. This week I’ll be pretty busy since I’ll be in Orlando for a leadership retreat for coaching from Thursday – Sunday πŸ’ƒπŸΎ. I’ll post more in the next few days about how I’m going to try to pack for a 4 day weekend in a personal sized bag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

How was ur weekend ?

I’m pregnant.

You probably came here after seein my fb or ig announcement. Here’s some FAQ I put together to cut down on questions:

1. How far along are you? 11 weeks 4 days

2. How long have you known? Since 4 weeks

3. Was this planned? No, but I wasn’t on the pill. Just timing. We are happy

4. Have you changed your workout routine? Not really. I recently cut back on ab work as my abs are starting to separate, and since I run outside I haven’t been lately due to it being over 90 degrees. I won’t be lifting more than 70 lbs per doctors orders πŸ™„πŸ˜‚. There’s no limit on my running.

5. What about coaching? My clients and team have known for awhile. I will coach my entire pregnancy and after.

6. How have you been feeling? Nauseous, sleepy, and I have also been sick and had an allergic reaction πŸ™„. It hasn’t been great but I’ve felt a lot better this week.

7. Do you want a boy or girl? Preferably a girl but idc just a healthy baby

8. Do you have a birth plan? Yes. I plan to VBAC and have a VBAC friendly OB.

9. How much weight have you gained? 0 lbs. I have no idea why I look so big πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ but all is well and it’s not twins. I popped out early with LB also (but I had also gained like 5-10 lbs by now).

10. Whats different this time? VS My pregnancy with LB – I plan to keep my weight gain under 25 lbs (last time I gained 50+). I will also stay active the entire time.

11. What about nutrition? I won’t change that much. My OB has approved my shakeology and post workout. I am no longer drinking my preworkout. OB is not telling me to take a prenatal.

12. When are you due? 3/24/2019

13. What about your half marathon? I’m running it 11/4. OB has approved. I will be slow but I will finish.

14. What about your all expense paid cruise from coaching next spring? I have to cancel – it’s within a week of our due date. However I’ll still go to Orlando next month and me and the baby will be going to Coach Summit next summer.

15. Bottle or breast? Breast, again. I loved nursing LB. This time I won’t have to pump at work either!

16. Step family stuff? We told Alaila before she left from summer visit and let her go to the pregnancy confirmation appointment. We wanted her to get the news while she was here with us ❀️

17. How have you hidden that belly?! Baggy clothes. Old pics. Angles. It’s also a lot of bloat – it’s not as big in the AM.

More to come later, but that should cover a lot of it!

Aldi came thru with generic halo top!

Yal. Anyone who knows me knows I shop FAITHFULLY at Aldi. Idc about no name brand anything – it’s all basically the same (except some cereals) and the savings is AMAZING. But there are some things I’d venture to Kroger/Target for…. and one of those was if I was having a halotop craving.

If you don’t know about halotop – basically it’s icecream with way less calories and less sugar and less fat and ALL of the taste. It’s bombbbbbbb. The ingredients aren’t perfect (I don’t do a lot of sugar alcohols because they bloat me.. but so does regular ice cream so I may as well choose something friendlier to my goals LOL).

Anywho, HaloTop typically runs around $3.99 per pint. It’s worth it. I spend it. However this week at Aldi, hubby grabbed some of their low fat icecream. It’s a halotop generic, with similar ingredients and macros. It costs $2.99 per pint.


I was skeptical because I LOVE HaloTop. But I gave it a try last night and YAL – IT LITERALLY TASTES JUST AS GOOD! The texture is also similar. The main difference I noticed is HaloTop is a little hard – it says right on the carton to let it sit out a few minutes before you start eating. The Aldi brand is not like that. You don’t have to let it thaw some before eating.

I immediately flipped to the back to check the macros. Compared to halotp, the macros per serving are actually better. The Aldi brand has less calories, sodium, less cholesterol, less total and saturated fat, less sugar and sugar alcohol, and more calcium (HaloTop has more iron though).


I had to take a look at the ingredients and compare.

HaloTop ingredients: Skim milk, eggs, erythritol, prebiotic fiber, milk protein concentrate, cream, organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, natural flavor, sea salt, vanilla beans, organic carob gum, organic guar gum, organic stevia leaf extract.

Aldi low fat icecream ingredients: milk and cream, milk protein concentrate, erythritol, chicory root extract, egg yolks, glycerin, sugar, vanilla extract, locust bean gum, guar gum, monk fruit extract, vanilla bean specks, vitamin A palmitate

In my opinion neither is perfect, but HaloTop appears to use higher quality organic ingredients. It looks like there’s less cholesterol in the Aldi brand because of using egg yolks instead of whole eggs. Aldi also doesn’t use any salt or Stevia.

Naturally HaloTop has more flavors as well as having a wide selection of vegan flavors too. At our local Aldi there were only a few flavors of the low fat icecream.

In my opinion, the changes don’t cause a difference in taste (though I haven’t done a side by side). I’m not sure how much you’d save at $1 a pint per year – but if you are already at Aldi weekly like I am – may as well pick up a pint a try!

Favorite Learning Activities for LB

As yal may or may not know, my kiddo is 3. He’s wild and all over the place and up until TOMORROW (he starts 2 day a week preschool tomorrow) he’s been home with me FULL TIME since January as I try to run a business, haha. It’s not easy! But it is 100% what I signed up for.

One thing that makes our days enjoyable and helps him stay on point with learning is having activities built in each day. I know, sounds exhausting – BUT it isn’t. I always find stuff that’s quick and easy to set up and he can learn from. Here’s a few of my favorites!

  1. Shaving Cream Letters – this is my favorite because it’s quick and fairly easy to clean up. It’s self explanatory. I put shaving cream all over the table and we go through the alphabet. Once he’s done – I let him make whatever he wants (which is always a cat car). He LOVES this and it’s so simple.
  2. Finger Painting – Also self explanatory. I try to draw out simple templates before we start so he can totally ignore them and draw a cat car.
  3. Nature Walks – It’s basically just a walk, yal. But give it a name and the kids go wild. We go through and point out everything we see (different types of trees, flowers, animals, etc). We usually go about a mile and then end at the park where he plays and then we head home.
  4. Counting Money – LB has a piggy bank full of change. He loves to dump it out, separate the coins, and then count his money (of course I help with that). It helps with so many skills – organization/sorting, fine motor skills (picking up coins on a flat surface aint easy), and counting!
  5. Cooking or Baking from a Recipe – Laziest mom activity ever because it’s something I hvae to do so we can survive – I just add him into it haha. This is helpful because even though he can’t read – he can recognize numbers so I have him tell me how many scoops or eggs or whatever we need. I also let him add things. So if you come over for dinner and the food is a little off – blame LB. Haha!

I’m one of the least organized moms EVER KNOWN TO MAN. So if I can come up with a way to keep my kiddo occupied, happy, AND run a business – anyone can.

Any other momma’s out there? What are your favorite activities?

Protective styling!

I’ve been neglecting not just this blog but also my hair so I decided to get it braided up! My homegirl Abirah (@godsgifttoyou) was coming to WV to do hair so I made an appointment and a trip. Can’t wait to see what i can do with these once my scalp isn’t too tight lol

For those who don’t follow me on ig or fb:

“Honestly guys I’ve been feeling off for the past month or so. It’s shown in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I think doing this dance between being a full time at home mommy and a wife and a business owner and a sister and a daughter and every other role I assume that sometimes I forget to just be me.

I hide parts of myself that don’t fit in with the people I’m around. I mute myself. I tone myself down. Because honestly I’m too much for some and three much for most.

But I really need to stop that shit so I can enjoy life. So I decided getting my hair done was a good first step. The tension on my scalp right now is a constant reminder that I need to remember who the f I am.

And the truth is, yeah I’m all them other titles. But I’m still a bad ass bish πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ. I really needed to adjust my crown.”

I’ll be back in a few days with more updates πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ