MI’ve been meditating lately, daily. It’s helped me a lot with my anxiety. I’ve said it before on social media – my brain is like a windows 97 computer. Sometimes it freezes or glitches just needs unplugged for a bit and restarted.

I started this when I was practicing for Vivian’s birth. Hypnobirthing uses meditation as a pain relief technique and it definitely works. I have a whole playlist of meditations for expecting mommas. (My favorites were this one and this one) I practiced every single night until Viv was born, and then quit cold turkey. No wonder I was so stressed! 🤣

Sometimes I meditate in silence but usually I do guided meditations. Basically someone calmly telling me what to focus on and helping me relax. I find these on YouTube, and I thought I’d share some of my current favorites. Continue reading “Meditating”

Training for a half marathon when you procrastinate

As you guys know, I was half marathon training last year (6 months in) when I was surprised to find out I was carrying Viv 😊.

I still ran the race but not how i wanted 😆. My focus was on keeping Viv safe and helping my sister finish, so I finished in over 3 hours. Not bad for a pregnant woman who was never very fast anyway 😂 but I was aiming for 2:30 or less before I got pregnant.

So this year I’m training for that same ole Marshall marathon. Problem? I couldn’t really start training until LB started school. This summer was too hectic and early in the summer my pelvis and core still felt funny from Vivian’s birth.

That left me with only 9 weeks to train for the Marshall Marathon. Continue reading “Training for a half marathon when you procrastinate”

Why I switched from pocket diapers to covers and prefolds (or inserts)

If you arent familiar with types of cloth diapering systems read this first.

If you’ve been following my cloth diaper journey with Viv – you know I have too many diapers 😂. I fell in love with having lots of prints and colors and I loved the simplicity of pocket diapers. Once they’re stuffed and set up, they look like a disposable. It’s easy.

In fact I loved them so much that I sold Continue reading “Why I switched from pocket diapers to covers and prefolds (or inserts)”

Amazon shop and new PJs!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I started my amazon storefront! Check it out for all my best amazon finds. I update daily because I shop too much 😂

Also I wanted to show you these awesome matching organic cotton the kids got from New Jammies. Make sure to grab some for your Little’s too!

PS: LB was in a bike wreck. He looks way worse than he feels – he’s back to his normal self just caked in neosporan and aquaphor at all times ❤️

Updates and still nesting – Closet Clean Out!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Been working on a few things for the gym (follow us @csswellness) including a new website.

Anywho – what’s new?

LB started 5 (half) day a week preschool AND soccer. And even though Vivian is still always with me – it gives me a lot more free time. In that time I’ve done A LOT of decluttering. Honestly clutter gives me even MORE anxiety than I normally have and I hate not being able to find what I need because I’m too busy looking through junk I DONT need.

I’ve done our kitchen cabinets, shoe closet, and most recently – my clothes/closet.

Guys. I didn’t take before pics but I had SO many clothes. I probably consigned 40 pairs of jeans, 30 dresses, 70 shirts. all stuff I hadn’t worn in years. Not even fashionable stuff honestly.

I had purses so old that I found this in one

Seriously. That ID is from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

Continue reading “Updates and still nesting – Closet Clean Out!”

Fatherhood seems pretty hard, too.

I’m hard on my husband sometimes and I shouldn’t be. He comes home after waking up at 4 am for a 12-13 hour workday to get tackled (or totally ignored – depends on the day) by an excited oversized 4 year old and growled at by a thicc baby with an attitude. And he smiles. 
I guess the standard for fatherhood set by society is SO much lower than the standard for motherhood that sometimes it makes me bitter. That a dad just showing up is enough but a mom can be shamed for darn near any parenting choice. Sometimes I just wanna shout “YOU WASNT WITH ME SHOOTIN IN THE GYM” at him. 

STILL nesting somehow – grout renew

Somehow I feel like I’m nesting again. So I tackled something that’s bothered me for awhile. For some reason, whoever built this house picked out tile with basically WHITE grout for the floor. When we moved in I was totally unfamiliar with care and didn’t know it wasn’t sealed. So obviously it got disgusting. I really didn’t notice because I was working so much, but my the time we had been living there 6 months the floor looked totally different. So much so that in our painted cabinets before and after someone asked if we had changed the floor 😩

That was after only living here like 6 months! Continue reading “STILL nesting somehow – grout renew”

I hated school because I never wanted to take work home.

Writing about my anxiety helps me make light of daily stresses and feel more grateful. I was a little hesitant to publish this one, but here goes nothing:

Picture it: Huntington 2011 (i love golden girls 😂).

One of my first thoughts when i decided to hustle up some summer classes and finish my BS in chemistry a semester early was “I can’t wait until a life without homework”.

I hated college and vowed to never go back to school. Because it never ended – classes ran into other classes ran into study groups ran into labs. It was so much pressure, so many hours of dedication… ONE mistake could ruin everything back then. I was over it and I wanted time to live my life.

When I first started my first job as a chemist I was amazed at how nice it was to leave work – even if it was a long day … and be DONE until the next day. Or be DONE all weekend.

It was absolutely amazing to not have work following me around like a shadow. My anxiety was way down. Life was simpler.

Then i became a mom, which is like getting a PhD in overworking. It’s honestly like college on crack cocaine. Continue reading “I hated school because I never wanted to take work home.”