Favorite 2B mindset breakfast recipes

I’m still chugging along with 2B mindset so that I can eat healthy without restricting. It’s been really good for pregnancy and i know it’ll be helpful for postpartum when I’m nursing as well 😊

This program doesn’t tell you how much to eat at each meal, but what each meal should consist of. For breakfast, it is 1/2 protein and 1/2 fiber filled carbs. Here’s my favorite ways to get that in:

1. Eggs and toast with jam 😋

2. Greek yogurt and bananas (or other fruits) and granola

3. Egg white breakfast burrito

4. Shakeology shake with 1/2 banana

5. Sweet potato hash with eggs

With time I’m sure I’ll try more recipes! What’s your favorite breakfast?

And if you want to try 2B mindset as a nonrestrictive way to lose weight – check out more info here!

Nesting with Tarra… 37 weeks again

I finished the nursery today. First of all let me say how CRAZY it is how primal and instinctual I (and I assume most other women) am during pregnancy. Omg. I woke up today and out of the blue, the nursery HAD to be done. I was almost rabid waiting on the amazon packages. I couldn’t wait for Brian to hang the curtains – I had to do it myself. And the wall art. And everything else. It was like some outside force was controlling me.

Any who , i finally pulled the trigger and ordered the rest of the decor from amazon over the weekend and then went to hobby lobby today (who happened to be having a 50% off wall art sale 💃🏾).

Take a tour with me

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Lazy wash n go

I wanted to give you guys info on my lazy wash n go method!

This is the method I used 24/7 before I had a devacurl stylist show me how bomb my hair could be with full shingling (Click here for shingling routine). The only issue with that? It takes a long time – about an hour. It doesn’t last long (3 day hair looks crazy) and my results are inconsistent. I’m just not good at it and honestly the more i separate curls and smooth them, the more frizz i get! Especially at the front of my hair.

For example here are my results last week shingling with kinky curly (defining every curl) vs my lazy method with the same products (prayer hand method) both on day 2.

Left – shingling. Right – prayer hands.

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Nesting with Tarra – 37 weeks aka cloth diaper prep

I haven’t been nesting lately. Since my earlier escapades (17/18 weeks – Nesting with Tarra, 16 weeks in “Nesting with Tarra”, This week in “Nesting with Tarra”) I have slowed down. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy and I haven’t done anything.

Yesterday I had the urge to get the babies stuff together. So I washed my first load of laundry – her 0-3 month and newborn clothes.

And then I tackled the cloth diaper prep.

How did I do it?

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Why I am skipping the epidural this time

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about my birth plan, and why I plan to skip the epidural this time around even though I am planning a VBAC, so I thought I’d write about it here.

First of all, I think all momma’s should choose what is best and most comfortable for them when it comes to birth plans. Whether it be epidural or not, vaginal or csection, etc. There’s no one size fit all perfect plan. I am also not a doctor or medical professional and all of the following I have found out through planning and talking with my midwife/doula and researching. None of this is medical advice – my only advice is RESEARCH.

With that said, I am not planning for an epidural during labor and delivery of my daughter. There are a few reasons why – but to explain I need to go into what happened during labor/delivery via emergency CS with my son.

I was afraid of labor during my first pregnancy. I didn’t take a child birth class or do any research, and my only plan was to head to the hospital and get an epidural and just chill until delivery. This is one thing I advise against (dont be so scared that you don’t plan! write a brith plan! know your options!). I planned on an epidural without knowing any of the risks, or things I was giving up by getting one. After the epidural, LB’s heart rate went crazy and was up and down the entire rest of labor. I was pushing, he was crowning but stuck, and I couldn’t feel to get him pushed out. The guided pushing was exhausting and I couldn’t move off my back. After a few interventions (vacuum) and a lot of scary heart rate fluctuations it was decided he needed to be delivered immediately via CS.

So here’s what I didn’t know:

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Pink Blush Maternity Review and Bump Dressing Tips

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a couple of free dresses from Pink Blush Maternity Clothes. I wasn’t expecting much – because maternity clothes just don’t fit me right usually. I always feel like I look like I’m just wearing oversized clothes. But omg, I was so wrong. I got to pick my own items, so I headed straight over to the dresses section and picked two. Check out these dresses:


Not only do they fit perfect – they’re comfortable and have growing room. I’m sure I could wear these up to 40 weeks – the midsection has a lot of give without ever looking stretched out. Also – it’s comfy material. My skin is super sensitive where it’s so stretched, but I didn’t feel itchy or irritated in these AT ALL.

I give them a billion thumbs way way up for allowing me to look sexy and feminine while pregnant because I know it can’t be easy to design maternity clothes that work.

Some people have asked me my tips on styling my bumps – here are my rules:

  1. Comfy. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough – my clothes have to be COMFORTABLE.
  2. Attractive. I still want to look attractive/sexy like I did before I got pregnant. I don’t want pregnancy to turn me into a prude or change my style.
  3. I don’t like when my boobs and bump blend together making me look like one big mass LOL. I like separation so you can see where my breasts stop and my bump start. That’s why I often wear a belt above my bump – however with these dresses from Pink Blush I definitely didn’t have to. The fit is perfect. I added the belt just for fun.
  4. I try to jazz everything up with accessories. Scarves, necklaces, jackets, boots. I’m in love with all thigh high boots lately.
  5. I concentrate on fit AND colors that make my glow (even more than pregnancy does haha). I like bright flashy colors.
  6. Dress for your new shape! I am typically not a very curvy woman. So with the bump and extra boobs, I’ve been playing with different styles and fits that wouldn’t normally work on my body type.

That’s basically it!

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