Made to Crave – 10/23/17

I’m an emotional eater.

And by that I don’t mean “when I’m sad I eat”. I mean, when I’m sad, happy, excited, stressed, angry – any hightened emotion I want to eat. Continue reading “Made to Crave – 10/23/17”

Wash routine and twist and curl (video at the end)

So I’m pretty amazing for the fact that that my hair is approaching waist length and I can still get my wash day done in 30 minutes flat.

It didn’t use to be like that. I use to dread wash day even more than I do now back when my hair was this length before (check my about me – in 2013 I cut my bra strap length hair to a taper for a year). I would hop in the shower with my hair loose and wash it all piled up on my head. Then I would condition, rinse it out, and get out the shower and wrap my head in a towel. Then try to part and section and section and detangle.

Sis. No. Don’t do it. Once your past shoulder length – for the love of all that is holy SECTION YOUR HAIR TO WASH. Don’t be like me. Mistakes were made early on.

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My Denman Brush and Wide-tooth Comb

So if you read my braid out and other hair blog posts, you know that I use a modified denman brush. Its something I learned at random about 6-7 years ago. I purchased a denman d4 brush from Sally’s. It’s expensive af yal. Well, not expensive af but way more than I was prepared to pay for a brush. Not sure pricing now but it was like $12 back then. You can order online too. Continue reading “My Denman Brush and Wide-tooth Comb”