Furniture Rehab!

So I’m back at it with painting my futniture. You may remember from the last time I did some furniture rehab. Sooo here we go, we bought a new comfy chair for our bedroom and it is gray. We had to rearrange the entire room to fit this chair, and it ended up with our chest of drawers directly by our night stands. The problem?

Our night stands are mine from college. I got them from Big Lots. And our dresser and chest are mix matched too, though they’re nice and real wood (given to us by a friend). So all the woods are different colors.

Brian couldn’t stand it lol. So I promised him I would paint the night stands and dresser. So I picked a day and got to it. I’m 13 weeks pregnant so it’s not like the fatigue is going to go away anytime soon lol. Just had to push through.

As usual I used myΒ Β favorite value chalk paint by Rustoleum. I like it because of the price point (about half the price of the Lowes brand) AND the quality. I also bought someΒ chalk paint brushes which honestly were good but they shed. I should have soaked them first.

Anywho, I went to work. Here are the before pictures of it all

I did not paint that beautiful chest. I left it the same lol.

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Best Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Hubby and I go on dates every week. But that can be pricey! So here’s a list of my favorite budget friendly date ideas.

  1. Ditch fancy restaurants for cheaper favorites. Hubby tried to take me to some restaurant when I was like 8 weeks pregnant for $50 steak. Listen… that’s just not my scene. I like to feel young and happy and like to order without thinking of all the other fabulous things I could have spent this money on – so I made him pack us up and take me to Local Taco so I could get 4 tacos for like $10. Yum!
  2. Ditch dinner for a dessert date. We love to go out after dinner and hit up Graeters or another ice cream joint for dessert. Really, the best part of the date is talking – we can do that whether we have dinner or not. Before pregnancy, a drink date was also possible
  3. Be ghetto like me and pack snacks to the movies. Or! The ultimate low price date – put your kids to bed and watch a movie. Pop open a bottle of wine.
  4. To save on a baby sitter, you can also trade of baby sitting with friends with kids around the same age. Or pair date night with a night when family wants to visit the kids :).
  5. Last but not least… our favorite date is window shopping at target. Idk why, I just love it and he either loves it or puts up with it because he loves me. Either way it’s bomb.

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money. Just make sure to get the dates in. They’re important!

What’s y’all favorite dates?

My next fitness program..

Since I finished LIIFT4 it’s time to pick a new program! I took last week off since I was in Orlando Thursday-Sunday for a leadership retreat (more on that later this week). I knew it was time to pick a new program, so I took a few things into account:

  1. Time. LIIFT4 was 8 weeks. I wanted to do something shorter than 8 weeks BUT with workouts around 30 mins or less a day.
  2. Meal plan. I’ve been following 2B mindset LOOSELY but I need something strict right now. I haven’t had my recommended amount of veggies in weeks. It’s time I get back at it.
  3. Limited core work. I won’t be able to lay on my back and do core work much longer.
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Blueberry cookies? Eh.. sure!

Yal know my beezy bee is a picky eater, right? Always has been. And when I was his age I was too so I try to be understanding.

Today I told him we were going to start eating more fruits and veggies. Somehow, from that he translated that we were going to have blueberry cookies.

Soooo I took a peanut butter cookie recipe and modified it and added some blueberries.


About 1 cup peanut butter

1 tsp of Nutella

About 1/4 cup of flour

A splash of water

1 whole banana


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Maternity Style

Guys, I have never been more excited to have a baby bump LOL

Let me explain. Before I announced, I was always trying to hide it. And when I was pregnant with LB I just felt big. I thought I got too big too soon. And i wasn’t fit then – so I gained a lot of weight (50 lbs the whole pregnancy, probably 10 of that being in the first trimester). So I felt a little self conscious.

This time around, I’m working out and treating my body right. And guess what? I’ve gained 0 lbs and I’m still BIG for 12 weeks lol. And even though it’s annoying that everyone pops up with the same “are you sure it isn’t twins??” question (yes, I’m sure – you know – by the 2 ultrasounds I’ve already had) – I’m living it up.

I wanted to share some of my favorite looks so far. I’ve been on pinterest getting ideas for weeks so I was READY to rock these LOL.

Pics below the cut

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LIIFT4 results and review

Alright guys – I finished ALL 8 WEEKS of LIIFT4. It’s a 4-day a week 30-40 minute program that’s a mix of lifting and HIIT. It’s by Joel Freeman – and looking at him is reason enough to give it a try. But in all honesty – I loved the program!

The extra days off gave a lot of room for cross training (running). And it definitely helped during those early pregnancy weeks when I was super tired to not have long workouts.


Results wise, my results are cleary skewed since I’m pregnant haha. However – I did continually get stronger (raising my highest weights from 20 lbs to 35 lbs by the end of 8 weeks) and I didn’t gain any weight. I was inconsistent with my eating due to nausea but that’s just part of the game right now.

I definitely suggest the program to anyone! It’s fun, it’s effective, and it’s short! haha. If you want to try – hit me up!

Weekend snapshot πŸ’ƒπŸΎ

I’m so excited to be able to share more with my life now that the cat is out of the bag about my pregnancy. So I thought I’d share a bit about my weekend.

When Friday rolls around I am THRILLED to get a break lol. I love being home with LB but it is hard with the pregnancy exhaustion. So it’s so nice to get to the weekend when I have some help from Brian.

We didn’t do much – but we did have a sitter and date night on Saturday 😊. We went to Target for a bit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then we went to a local steakhouse. It’s nice to have a meal without a toddler squirming and interrupting. It gave us time to talk. I feel like that is so important to a marriage. Here’s some pics

I also played around with some make up Saturday evening. I never wear make up anymore. I literally had to go out and buy some because all of mine was expired and needed thrown out.

I’m rusty at it and I wasn’t good before anyway so it’s a work in progress. But it was fun. I also got some brushes and an organizer for my make up off of Amazon for like $13

Which brings me to Sunday. Saturday Brian did some cleaning and organizing but I was so exhausted I kept falling asleep after my run πŸ˜‚. So Sunday I did a little organizing in my closet and some laundry. I’m trying to work on my new wardrobe since my belly is going to keep growing πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

We also rearranged our bedroom to fit a big comfy chair in the corner. With everything moved around it’s obvious we need a few other things to complete the room (mainly, a mirror, curtains and rug) and I also plan on painting our night stands and dresser.

But all in due time. This week I’ll be pretty busy since I’ll be in Orlando for a leadership retreat for coaching from Thursday – Sunday πŸ’ƒπŸΎ. I’ll post more in the next few days about how I’m going to try to pack for a 4 day weekend in a personal sized bag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

How was ur weekend ?