We need a curriculum! 🥴 or do we?

Where have I beennnn? Honestly, I had too much on my plate so I took this blog off of it. I took a break from a lot of things. But, today I felt like sharing. So here I am.

Next week is august! Last year I was so prepared and picked a homeschool curriculum. This year? I didn’t even realize time was flying by until today.

So I started searching. Last year, we went with a curriculum I no longer recommend Language arts level K and Math 1. We still have some math 1 to finish up, but I need to select a language arts curriculum.

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Cloth diapering update?

So, I’ve been cloth diapering Viv basically her whole life. She’s 19 months old. How’s it going?

I have zero regrets. Im so happy for the money saved and honestly the cuteness of the diapers have brought me a lot of joy during low points. And the washing and storing, etc? Basically it’s like second nature at this point. I’m on autopilot 😂. LB is confused when he sees people throw diapers away. Here are some common questions I get:

1. What about poop?

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Homeschooling freebies

The past few weeks I’ve learned, again, that homeschooling is much better with a schedule. This time around it’s more of a todo list than a schedule. I let the day flow as it does but anytime we start to get bored, I pick the next thing on the list.

Of course we are doing TGATB curriculum for language arts and math, but I pull tons of other fun freebies to reinforce ideas and add other subjects. I thought I should share!

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The bag.

I haven’t written in a long time. It’s been a whirlwind here – Viv being a busy body, us making time to see my in-laws and parents, a failed attempt to sell our house and move to a minifarm.. it’s a lot.

I wonder how much I do to avoid feeling.

Sometimes I get the feeling that if you don’t speak positivity, its viewed as you being emotionally immature or lacking clarity. Please don’t get it confused, it is not lost on me how incredibly blessed I am. Look at my kids. Look at my family. I always have enough food, I have a warm place to sleep, I have a vehicle, I don’t have to work a traditional job. I have my parents and my friends… Everywhere I look I can see a blessing.

But today I got Viv’s fall jacket out of the closet for the first time and behind it was LB’s preschool bag. It hasn’t been moved since his last day of preschool in March.

I was sad when I saw it.

I didn’t want things to change. I didn’t want preschool to be yanked away. I wanted the mothers day brunch, and the end of year program. I wanted him to finish up the curriculum there with his friends. I wanted the little art projects that were sent home each week during his 3 hour daily class. I wanted him to teach me new songs he learned.

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Homeschool Curriculum selection

So as I said in the last post, we are homeschooling. And with that came a lot of pressure – like omg I don’t want to mess this up! But honestly, being home for COVID really helped. LB was in a private 3 hour a day preschool that taught him SO much. And when schools closed here, his teachers would send us a weekly letter with what topics they would have covered that week. I would go online and find free worksheets and activities and crafts and just do it here.

And watching him learn and grow was AMAZING. Also noticing how little time it took showed me a lot.

We think of school as a 7-8 hour day -but homeschooling a kindergartener takes like 30 minutes a day. Without all the distractions and herding of a classroom, kids learn pretty quickly.

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We are homeschooling next year.

Why? Well, I had put A LOT of time and thought into it. What sparked it was because when it comes right down to it – statistically black children aren’t treated fairly in public schools. There are tons of articles on it – but here’s one if you don’t feel like googling. Also please look up the school to prison pipeline.

Basically, black children are more likely to be perceived as dangerous/violent, more likely to be punished for the same behaviors as their white counterparts, and their punishments are more harsh. Black children are also less likely to be identified as gifted.

LB is a very sweet gentle child. He is hardly ever rowdy, and most of our discipline at home is me letting him know that he shouldn’t be in other peoples personal space. He’s never been the one bouncing off the walls. And we are in district for a really good school, so I had put my fears aside and decided to send him before covid. He was enrolled and all set to go! I was just praying he wouldn’t be the only minority in his class, because our city is only 14% black and our school district is even less so.

I also think it is a distraction and a disadvantage to be the only child of your race in a class. No, the white students may not notice but my black child already has in situations and it causes him to try to be “quiet so nobody notices he’s different” (his words) so yeah.

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Happy anniversary to us!

8 years ago today I married the love of my life. I was 22, young and silly and I had no idea how much work a marriage was. We both admitted that we thought about running away that morning. I could hardly plan out the next week of life let alone forever. And with divorce rates so high I’m sure a lot of people who knew us expected that.

I’m not sure how we made it, and I’m not sure what advice to give couples that ask us “how!” All i know is in a marriage there are really amazing times and really hard times – and sometimes it feels like the hard times are forever and will never end. But they always do. When i look at a mental timeline of our life; Continue reading “Happy anniversary to us!”

Happy mother’s day!

First things first: click here for the romper, here for the blow dryer for this blowout, and here for the perm rods I curled my hair with the next day.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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