About Ya Girl

Hey yal, I’m Tarra

I’m a married working mom. I met my hubby, Brian when I was 18 years old. We had a rocky past but ended up sticking it out. We got married when I was 22 and haven’t really looked back. We have a beautiful family including us, our son (2) and my stepdaughter (10).

One of the first things people notice about me is my hair. I was relaxed from age 12-18. I went natural in 2009. I grew my hair to bra strap length – then cut it to a TWA taper in 2012. I started growing it back out when I got pregnant with my son in 2014 and I’m about mid back length now.

After having my son, LB – I went through a rough patch. I was a new mom, nursing, and we moved hundreds of miles to our new home in Kentucky. I turned to food and then became prediabetic and even more depressed. Then, I decided to turn to fitness. Brian is a personal trainer and strength coach so he wanted to help me – but I HATE gyms and also hate hating him when we train. So I turned to t25, an at home workout program.

I ended up losing over 20 lbs. after realizing how great this program worked for me – I wanted to try some other Beachbody programs, and I wanted to help others get results too. I became a coach in 2016, just hoping to earn enough to cover my supplements. I quickly started completing other programs (insanity max 30, hammer and chisel, 21 day fix, etc).

I’ve never looked back. I’m a better wife and mother for what coach life has given me. And I’ve met an awesome tribe of boss moms on the way.

I still work in Pharma by day (I’m a chemist by degree but currently work in quality systems). I have a passion for fitness and hair so that’s what I blog about – with sprinkles of mom life here and there (very passionate about it – but semi-private about my son too)

This is my life. I hope you enjoy.