We need a curriculum! 🥴 or do we?

Where have I beennnn? Honestly, I had too much on my plate so I took this blog off of it. I took a break from a lot of things. But, today I felt like sharing. So here I am.

Next week is august! Last year I was so prepared and picked a homeschool curriculum. This year? I didn’t even realize time was flying by until today.

So I started searching. Last year, we went with a curriculum I no longer recommend Language arts level K and Math 1. We still have some math 1 to finish up, but I need to select a language arts curriculum.

It was great in a lot of ways (mainly because it was no prep and easy to follow). But it’s illustrations were odd and LB lost interest. The books that went with the lessons had no real story lines, and everyone in the pics dressed like it was Easter Sunday in 1900. I don’t think a single girl in the photos wore pants. All dresses. It wasn’t for us. Also, they did some racist stuff lately so they’re done here.

Also last year we didn’t pick a science or history curriculum. This year I am going to try to incorporate science and history more regularly. For science we are starting with a free online curriculum through www.mysteryscience.com

I have yet to find a history curriculum I like, so we may just do living books this year with some age appropriate documentaries and find a geography/civics curriculum.

Honestly I had a curriculum last year and I feel like it wasn’t as necessary as I thought. LB is only 6. I’m sure we could unschool this year just fine. The curriculum is more for me than him, to reduce my workload and panick 😬.

Anyways, that’s my plan so far but I am open to any and all suggestions!

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