Cloth diapering update?

So, I’ve been cloth diapering Viv basically her whole life. She’s 19 months old. How’s it going?

I have zero regrets. Im so happy for the money saved and honestly the cuteness of the diapers have brought me a lot of joy during low points. And the washing and storing, etc? Basically it’s like second nature at this point. I’m on autopilot 😂. LB is confused when he sees people throw diapers away. Here are some common questions I get:

1. What about poop?

Well, Vivs poop is currently solid. I just roll it off the diaper into the toilet. It’s not a big deal. Some moms do spray off poop but I’ve never needed to. and when she was exclusively breastfed and had that yellow mushy poo? It’s water soluble and can go in the washer.

Speaking of poo, I’ve never had a blowout with cloth. The elastic around the waist and legs keep even the messiest poops inside the diaper.

2. How do you wash them?

I have a post about my wash routine here. It’s pretty simple. The rule is 1 short prewash and 1 heavy duty wash. The prewash gets rid of the waste and the main wash gets them clean. You’ll know your diapers are clean because they’ll look and smell clean. With a good wash routine I hardly ever have stains. And when I do, the sun fixes it right up.

3. What about rashes?

What about them? We have had 0.

4. What’s easier? Cloth or disposables?

The world is kinda set up for disposables here in the US. With cloth, you’ll deal with people questioning you or thinking you’re a hippy 😂. You’ll have to check when you’re traveling to make sure there’s a washer/dryer. Sometimes you’ll have to buy bigger clothes for baby because of a fluff butt. And it does take more time (because washing). And it may be difficult to find a daycare that is accommodating.

BUT. Never dealing with blowouts and rashes is a win. Plus you can get a great stash of one size cloth diapers (8-35/40 lbs) for like $300 and disposables for like 2.5 years is around $2000.

5. What’s your favorite type of diaper?

It goes back and forth. In the summer I love pockets because I have more wind I love using a diaper as pants and enjoying the design. In the winter I like covers and prefolds because they’re less bulky under clothes. More on diaper types here.

That’s all I got for now, but comment any questions you have and I got you! And you can read more about cloth diapers here!

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