Homeschooling freebies

The past few weeks I’ve learned, again, that homeschooling is much better with a schedule. This time around it’s more of a todo list than a schedule. I let the day flow as it does but anytime we start to get bored, I pick the next thing on the list.

Of course we are doing TGATB curriculum for language arts and math, but I pull tons of other fun freebies to reinforce ideas and add other subjects. I thought I should share!

1. Fall numbers trace and count. LB has been writing a few numbers backwards lately so I figured this would help review and be fun.

2. Label the witch. This is just for fun and to practice cutting

3. The Colors Of Fall book. This will be fun to color, trace and read.

4. My Shape Scarecrow. Because coloring and cutting again

5. Handwriting Review. This is to help with writing letters backwards. We used to do something like this weekly and stopped, and backwards letters entered 🙃

6. Pumpkin Missing Sounds. This helps with sounding out and spelling.

I hope this list helps someone! I find most of these on Pinterest or by searching teacherspayteachers.

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