We are homeschooling next year.

Why? Well, I had put A LOT of time and thought into it. What sparked it was because when it comes right down to it – statistically black children aren’t treated fairly in public schools. There are tons of articles on it – but here’s one if you don’t feel like googling. Also please look up the school to prison pipeline.

Basically, black children are more likely to be perceived as dangerous/violent, more likely to be punished for the same behaviors as their white counterparts, and their punishments are more harsh. Black children are also less likely to be identified as gifted.

LB is a very sweet gentle child. He is hardly ever rowdy, and most of our discipline at home is me letting him know that he shouldn’t be in other peoples personal space. He’s never been the one bouncing off the walls. And we are in district for a really good school, so I had put my fears aside and decided to send him before covid. He was enrolled and all set to go! I was just praying he wouldn’t be the only minority in his class, because our city is only 14% black and our school district is even less so.

I also think it is a distraction and a disadvantage to be the only child of your race in a class. No, the white students may not notice but my black child already has in situations and it causes him to try to be “quiet so nobody notices he’s different” (his words) so yeah.

If I’m honest, the ONLY reason I decided to send him to public school was for a break. I am tired! LB is ALWAYS attached to my hip – very very clingy. And I just wasn’t sure if I could stand him being with me 24/7. Other than that, the idea of the freedom of homeschooling and building a community of friends and taking charge of my childrens education sounds amazing.

But anywho, I decided he needed to go.

Then covid hit. And I don’t feel it is the best bet safety/health wise for my kiddo to be in school if he doesn’t have to. Also, amid the racial unrest I have seen a LOT of public school teachers from our county in the comments section of news articles being EXTRA racist. and don’t even get me started on the stuff they’re sharing.

SOOOOOO – homeschool it is. Honestly, most black mommas will understand. Especially if you’re like me and have a very vivid gradeschool memory of learning about slavery as one of like 3 (or less) black kids in your class. Some may say it builds them up for the real world – but we as a people already undergo enough stress to lessen our lifespan. I’m not adding to that for character building.

I’ve already picked a curriculum. I have written our letter of intent and now I just need to call the elementary school and let them know he won’t be attending.

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