Homeschool Curriculum selection

So as I said in the last post, we are homeschooling. And with that came a lot of pressure – like omg I don’t want to mess this up! But honestly, being home for COVID really helped. LB was in a private 3 hour a day preschool that taught him SO much. And when schools closed here, his teachers would send us a weekly letter with what topics they would have covered that week. I would go online and find free worksheets and activities and crafts and just do it here.

And watching him learn and grow was AMAZING. Also noticing how little time it took showed me a lot.

We think of school as a 7-8 hour day -but homeschooling a kindergartener takes like 30 minutes a day. Without all the distractions and herding of a classroom, kids learn pretty quickly.

Anywho, I knew I wanted a fun curriculum because I was TIRED from trying to lesson plan every sunday night. I wanted something simple and easy. I googled for reviews and watched youtube videos and asked friends, and we settled on The Good and The Beautiful. After doing the tests to see which level to get, we are doing Language Arts level K and Math Level 1.

Why? I loved a lot of things about it.

  1. The preview of the math curriculum. It isn’t just a bunch of worksheets but a lot of hands on activities and games. I loved that!
  2. Price point! I wanted to stay under $200 and that did it. You could get it for MUCH MUCH less if you just get the PDF virtual copy but I am TIRED of printing things. I ordered the Language Arts Course Set Level K (56.96) and the Math Course Set Level 1 (108.96) for a total of $188.50 after tax and shipping.
  3. There aren’t a bazillion books. A lot of programs had 2 workbooks, a textbook, a teacher guide, and a test book. All of it seemed super overwhelming. I wanted something simple.
  4. The samples provided show the pages as colorful and fun. That’s important to me, I want this year to be fun learning.
  5. the whole program has really good reviews
  6. It isn’t a secular program but for the younger kids there isn’t a huge focus on christianity. I am a christian but I want that to be separate from schooling (or taught as it’s own subject). That’s just my personal preference.

I did consider a few others. Singapore math and Horizons math were way up on the list, as well as All About Reading. I ended up ruling these out for personal reasons (too many books, too pricey, or out of stock). However I do think they would have been great choices too.

I will probably purchase a Handwriting Without Tears workbook and that will round off our schooling. Our focus next year is learning to read and learning more math. Does that mean we won’t do other subjects? No! I plan to do a family tree and learn history through reading/stories and we area ALWAYS watching videos on science and trying experiments. That won’t stop, but we won’t have an official curriculum for those subjects this year.

Honestly I have been researching and worrying for like 2 months and it’s all silly because I honestly believe that almost ANY curriculum out there will get the job done. It’s just picking which one will be the least stressful for me and most fun for LB.

Anywho, if you homeschool let me know your experience with curriculum selection!

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