Soooo much trashhh

One thing i started noticing as soon as the stay at home orders started was that we go through a TON of trash. I try to consider myself pretty conscious of waste and we do cloth diaper, but we were still getting like a bag of trash A DAY!

So I was so happy when Aunt K reached out to share some of her reusable items with me! Here’s what I got in my care package:

Cloth wipes can be used as baby wipes, burp cloths, napkins, tissues, and can even be rolled onto a paper towel tube to use as paper towels.

UnPaper towels. Perfect size to clean up larger messed or use for routine cleaning.

Facial rounds can be used for so many things like make up and first aid.

Perfect to wash dishes or clean up small spills. One side is for scrubbing!

Produce bags are a great tool to avoid plastic bags at the grocery store

The quality of the products is great – you can see the craftsmanship in each piece. They feel like they will last through a ton of washes which is important with reusable items.

I think the biggest impact will be the cloth towels and wipes. The bulk of our trash is paper towels and napkins, by far. We use cloth wipes for Vivian but i hadn’t considered purchasing some to use in the kitchen. I’m also excited about the facial rounds because we have been using disposable ones.

Excited to put all these to use! Check out Ks Got You Covered to try these and other reusable products! And save 10% with code tarra10!

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