Happy mother’s day!

First things first: click here for the romper, here for the blow dryer for this blowout, and here for the perm rods I curled my hair with the next day.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

On Mother’s Day I like to take the day to remind myself of the woman I was before motherhood. Im changed now (in a lot of ways for the better) – and that’s ok. But sometimes I miss the old me and feel the need to find her.

Before motherhood I used to spend weekends washing my hair and getting dressed. I love to listen to music and dance when I get dressed. Issa whole performance. And back then I had time.

Now, I am lucky to get a wash day in every 2 weeks and I usually grab hopefully clean clothes out of a basket to toss on while chasing Viv 😂.

Today I wanted to find the old Tarra. And she was right where I left her, ready to sing Music Soulchild all loud and off key while twirling around deep conditioning my hair.

I took time to wash and blow dry my hair then curled it with a curling iron. Then I wore something other than jeans/sweats and a t shirt. I really felt like a new woman.

And like the old days, Brian darn near had a heart attack when he saw me.

I still got it. She’s still there ❤️

And the rest of the day? I did a NOTHING. Brian cleaned and cooked and entertained the kids and I relaxed. It was amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Next day hair after sleeping in perm rods:

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