Playroom makeover

Our basement is partially finished. The unfinished part is our home gym – which is where we started CSS Wellness years ago. the finished part served as kind of a 3rd living room. We already have the formal living room and the family room upstairs. And since there’s no bathroom in the basement, we didn’t use it often.

But with the stay at home order keeping us cooped up and the weather being so rainy – i thought we needed to make a nicer play area! (Plus upstairs was flooded with toys and driving me crazy 😂)

This is what we started with in the basement

We had a bed down there for visitors but my mom has back problems so when she visits she sleeps on a pull out couch upstairs. So that bed was unused 99% of the time and will probably end up in LBs room with a new frame to upgrade him.

He likes the tent better in that space 😂

Anywho, I sold the couches and some old baby items and got $310ish. I also had some extra money from a web design project I did. Here is what I bought (these are affiliate links. I’ll get paid a small commission if you buy through these links. This helps to keep the blog going):

Colorful clock

Every Child is an Artist wall art

Playroom wall decal

Handprint rug

Striped teepee

Reading room sign

White Fuzzy Rug

Cube Organizer

Storage bins

Stuffable beanbag chairs

Ultimate Sack giant beanbag chairs

And here is how it turned out:

I love the space a lot. It’s fun and playful and nice and the kids were excited about it!

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