Painting the whole dag on house basically

When we moved in this house it was really beige. I always knew we would paint, but I was working full time and LB was a baby and I was adjusting to a whole new state. Life was hectic. And we never got around to painting.

So right before covid-19 close the gym we had someone give us an estimate to paint. But then we were suddenly unemployed and unsure so we decided to wait. But anxiety and boredum don’t go well, so we bought the paint and did it ourselves!

This was the largest paint job we have done to date. We went from tons of beige to a nice beautiful greige (collingwood by a Benjamin Moore). You can see the difference in color really good in these pics 😊

Everything is so much brighter!

It was a difficult job because of our 2 story foyer and high stairwell, but we got it done.

It took us about a week of working a few hours a day (but taking off weekends) and all in all we painted about 1700 square feet of our home. Totally worth it. If you’re considering painting too, here are my tips:

(If you buy through my links I’ll get a little commission from amazon. I use that money to keep the sight going).

1. Use this tool on an extender to reach high places. We used a ladder for the first floor and a chair for the second but we couldn’t reach at all in the stairwell and this saved us from having to build some type of platform to stand on.

2. Buy lots of Painters tape. We taped everything and used like 7 rolls of tape.

3. Replace your rollers often. The frustrating from using an old roller or one that’s starting to dry out isn’t worth it. We liked these.

4. Store brushes and rollers in ziplock bags in the fridge to keep them fresh during breaks or overnight.

5. Use your time wisely we painted during Vivs nap time and after bedtime. We also split up and I would paint while Brian tended the kids or vice versa.

6. Take the tape off before the paint is fully dry to avoid the paint coming off with the tape.

7. This should be number one. GET SAMPLE PAINT AND PAINT SWATCHES BEFORE COMITTING TO A COLOR! Definitely don’t want to realize after painting a whole room that you don’t like the color.

8. Play music, take plenty of breaks and take your time.

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