More quarantine activities

Alright guys, doesn’t seem like this “safe at home” stuff is ending anytime soon. So I thought I’d share the homeschool activities me and LB have been doing!

(I can’t take credit for many of these. His preschool teacher sends ideas to us weekly and we try them out).

A lot of our makeshift art projects are brought to you by this art kit. Great buy 😂.

1. Rainbow toast

This was fun and easy! Just mix some food coloring with milk and paint it on with a new paintbrush or your fingers. Then toast. This was preschool teacher suggested and LB loved this.

2. Dress up. This was all LBs idea. He wore costumes 2-3 days last week. I “make him” (his words) get dressed every day and if he can’t wear his pajamas, he at least wants to pick his clothes out.

3. Creative ways to write. We have used a cookie tray with shaving cream, quinoa, or other foods to be able to “write” and erase. I usually call out his site words and have him write them, or tell him “write your vowels” etc etc.

4. Butterflies! Super easy. Just had him color on paper (would have been prettier with paint but I’m tired) and i helped him fab food and pin them with a clothes pin.

5. Caterpillar! This was a fun one. I cut the circles for him and let him glue/ place everything. This was an idea from his teacher.

6. Worksheets. We do at least 1 printout worksheet a day (usually 2 – 1 writing and 1 math). I find freebies by googling what type of work I’m looking for – is my favorite. LB is a preschooler, but i use kindergarten level worksheets for him (he turned 5 in November and is pretty quick to learn). I keep these in a 3 ring binder so I can track his progress. All in all it only takes him about 15 mins a day to do these.

7. Play can be purposeful. This day we played in the water table to talk about why some toys sink and some float.

8. Gardening! I have always felt like it was important for the kids to understand how food is grown. Even if you only grow 1 thing in a pot – it’s so fun for them to watch!

9. Active games! I am always trying to run his energy out with tag, hide and seek, racing or the floor is lava!

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