Entry closet redesign

For some reason, builders of middle class homes in Lexington, KY always leave out a mud room. When you come into our house from the garage you walk basically straight into our kitchen. We have an entryway closet but it was always cluttered with junk. Brian and LB had an issue with leaving ALL their shoes in there until you can’t even see the floor.

All the coats were in there too. And anything we didn’t have a home for. I hated that closet – just a cluttered mess.

When quarantine hit and the gym closed, Brian told me he was gonna fix my closet. And he did!

First we took everything out and put it in its proper home (or the trash). And we removed the door.

Then we took out the shelves and Brian built a bench in there from leftover wood we had from other closets. After that he built a shelf for the top.

Then we painted the closet. This looks like the same color that we painted the first floor a week later (Benjamin Moore Collingwood) but it’s actually the color from Vivian’s room (Benjamin Moore Pelican Gray).

Last we stained the shelf and bench and then the next day we we added hooks to the closet.

Now it’s like a little mini mud room or a drop zone! I love it

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