1 year of cloth diapers

I’ve been cloth diapering for over a year now. And you know what the main thing Ive learned is?

That it’s not as hard as it seems. Honestly! I was so stressed about wash routines and types of diapers and building a stash and now… I grab whatever diaper is close to me, wash whenever I’m running out, fold whenever I have time (sometimes right before putting the diaper on Viv haha) and carry on.

Once the the anxiety of cloth diapering was gone, I realized how much easier it is than disposable diapering. Why?

1. No blowouts. Like zero. by The elastics keep even the wateriest poos in the diaper.

2. I never run out. I have like 40 diapers and I don’t go more than 3 days without washing so I never ever run out.

3. Cleaning is easier. I use cloth wipes and I can clean a disgusting poo with 1-2 wipes. With disposables sometimes I had to use like 5-7 wipes. And Vivs poo is mostly solid so I don’t have to spray her diapers, I just roll the poo into the potty.

4. No rashes. Viv sometimes gets irritated on her legs (I’m guessing chafing from rubbing on the cover) but she has never had a rash.

5. They’re cute. And cute means on warm days Viv doesn’t need pants.

If you’re cloth diapering and need help or just curious, read all my cloth diaper blogs.

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