Quarantine activities for kids!

Well, I have a lot of thoughts about the state of the world but some of them are heavy. I don’t want to be heavy now, I want to be lighthearted. So if you’re home with bored young kids, here’s some fun educational activities you can do!

1. Spice up learning worksheets. We pick 2 letters and a number each week (actually his preschool teacher sends them to us) and LB does 2 worksheets a day. It doesn’t take him long at all. So afterwards, I let him draw on the back or paint with water colors on them. He loves to paint!

2. Themed work. This week we used jelly beans as counters for addition and subtraction, to write out letters and numbers, to make patterns and for a science experiment (watching how water makes the color float out).

3. Lots of outside time. As long as it’s above 50 degrees we are OUT. We take walks, play “I spy”, do scavenger hunts, draw with sidewalk chalk, ride bikes or scooters, and have spent some time working in the garden! I really suggest growing something from seed to plant during this time even if you don’t usually garden. It’s fun for the kiddos and a great skill to learn. And if it’s a cold or rainy day, you can always go for a drive!

4. Board games and movie nights are our jam. LB loves to play a game (especially if he wins) and Viv loves to throw the pieces 😆

5. For my own sanity, we have a schedule and that schedule includes QUIET TIME. This is during Vivs nap. It keeps her from being woken up, and gives me some downtime. Usually LB watches a movie or TV show and lays down, draws, looks through books or does puzzles.

6. Baking! Some days we do art, some days we bake. It’s fun, it’s tasty, and it teaches lots of skills. If you aren’t a baker and feel nervous – start with cake mix or cookie mix and work towards more difficult things each week.

7. Don’t forget the classics! Hide and seek, tag, Simon says, etc. We love those.

8. Have them help with chores, in a fun way. LB loves to watch the dryer run so I have him help load it up. He also helps clean up after meals and loves to “help” vacuum and steam mop.

That’s all I got for now, but try to have fun. Just know this is NOT normal. This is NOT a taste of being a stay at home mom or homeschooling. Ain’t a stay at home mom alive that doesn’t do play dates or library time or stroll through target with Starbucks. This is HARD. Accept that, feel it, and do your best. That’s all we can do ❤️

One response to “Quarantine activities for kids!”

  1. These are all wonderful ideas! Thank you for these helpful tips. Your kids are just growing beautifully.


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