MLK day.

I didn’t write a MLK day post yesterday. It’s a hard day for me – because it’s one of those days when it is SO in your face that black men are very seldom heroes to anyone but us until they’re murdered.

And it hurts. It hurts to know that he didn’t “die for his cause” or his beliefs. He wasn’t a war hero. He was a peaceful man who was murdered. They hated him, he was murdered, then they loved him. And sometimes even use his quotes to silence us.

So yes, celebrate him. But also know that he was very much hated by a LOT of people while he was alive. Know that he was considered a trouble maker. A problem. Know that your grandparents probably disliked him. And yes we have progressed as a nation – but if he was alive today, still supporting civil rights, everyone wouldn’t love him now.

Look for the heroes today. Look for the “problem” and “trouble making” people of color alive right now. Stop criticizing and being annoyed by them making us uncomfortable for just a second, and celebrate them now like we all will after they’re dead.

If you sense anger and annoyance on social media from people of color about MLK day, maybe this post will help you understand.

Black people shouldn’t have to die to be heroes.

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