New Years resolutions!

Do you set New Years resolutions? I do. Many of them I keep (it was 4 years ago I decided to start working out. Look at me now 👌🏾). And some, I don’t. Like I made a resolution last year to dress nicer and I still wear yoga pants 92% of the time.

This year I have a few, here are the most important to me:

1. Take 1 trip per month. I want to do this as a family instead of buying so many toys/junk. I feel like it’ll be good for my mental state to reduce clutter and get out of Kentucky once and awhile. I also want to give the kids some fun memories. This is our last chance to (easily) do this since LB starts school in the fall.

2. Be consistent with posting blogs and monetizing this site. Which goes with this next one…

3. Pay off debt. We were a debt free (other than mortgage and cars) family until we opened the larger gym location. We now have debt that is still at 0% APR. goal is to pay it off before we end up paying any interest.

4. Eat 3 servings of vegetables a day minimum. I don’t like “get healthy” or “get fit” as a goal so I like to be specific. When I make sure to get my veggies in usually the rest of my diet is good as well.

5. Get back to doing personal development. Work on being less anxious and reactive. Understand I don’t always have to prove my point and that my peace is more important.

6. Organize my time so it’s not wasted. I want to be more intentional with my time so me and the kids can have more fun and get more done. Last year i used a planner to organize my business, this year i want to organize my life 😂. I’m using this planner because of how detailed the days are and how it aligns with my personal development goals.

I have more but if I can just get these rolling I know I’ll feel happy and accomplished

What resolutions do you have?

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