Baby Registry Essentials

Hey yal!

Earlier this week on my instastories I asked what you guys wanted to hear more about. This request was one I thought would go better as a blog – so I could refer back to it since this question comes up a lot.

Also…. for me if we ever decide to have another baby because after a couple years you TOTALLY forget.

DISCLAIMER: this post has affiliate links. I get paid a lil sumn-sumn if you buy through my amazon links. That money goes towards the upkeep of the blog.

Baby registries are overwhelming. First of all, EVERYONE has them. My favorite place to shop is amazon because I hate to leave my home haha so I suggest the Amazon Baby Registry.

Why? They have literally everything you need, items purchased from your registry can be shipped straight to you, AND you get a freebie box once you complete a few steps.

Next – what do you REALLY need on your registry?

Well, lets start with the basics. The only things a baby really needs:

diaper supplies.


This all depends on your preferences. I am cloth diapering and breastfeeding viv. For LB I was using disposable diapers and breastfeeding but also working full time so I did need some additional feeding supplies.

For moms using disposable diapers (these are the brands I prefer):

For moms using Cloth diapers – I have a list of supplies I use in my Amazon Storefront

Feeding supplies:

Baby Gear:

Other things:

Nursery Furniture:

I suggest just getting a furniture set if you need it all. Ends up saving you money. For Viv, we ordered from Wayfair and I regret it.


honestly onesies and sleepers are all you NEED. Don’t even register for clothes – people will buy so much of that. I would only register for outerwear if you’ll have a baby in the winter.

Some of these things are ABSOLUTELY necessary. Some just make life a little easier, but this is a good start for any baby registry!

What are your must have items?


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