You use breastmilk for WHAT?

Even though nursing is crazy hard at first and takes up a ton of time (I’m 20 mins into a nursing session as I type) it has a ton of perks. On top of being convenient and honestly having a nutritional content that formula hasn’t been able to match, there are other uses for your milk too!

Here are a few I use:

– Eye Drops. Not as much with Viv, but LB got pinkeye often as a baby and a quick squirt of breastmilk saved us a trip to the doctor everytime.

– Diaper Rash Cream. Since we cloth diaper I have to be careful of what diaper rash creams I use. Viv has never had a real all out rash, but when she gets a little irritated I just put some milk and coconut oil on her. Clears it up right away.

– Wound care. Remember when LB busted his poor little face in that bike accident? He’s all healed up and mostly scar free. I was coating him with breastmilk and aquaphor dailyyyy 😂

– Baby Acne and Cradle Cap. Yep. Just coat your baby in milk. Trust me 😂

– Older kids. Me, Viv and Beszy are all exposed to the same colds. When LB is sick I squirt a little milk into his morning cup of almond milk. I feel like it’s helped a lot with those preschool germs.

Basically for someone like me who has a pretty good supply (last time with LB i had a huge oversupply, this the alternative uses 😂) breastmilk is like coconut oil. Put it on everythinggg!

Anyone else have good uses for extra milk?

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