Yall, it has been like over 90 degrees in Kentucky for the majority of this “fools fall” we have experienced. I’m OVER IT. And I love summer, but at a certain point it is just TOO HOT for too long. I’ve been saving fall clothes to my amazon shopping list for so long, it’s finally time we get some weather to try out fall fashion haha.

I thought i’d share a few pics of how I’ve been dressing since 1. the big closet cleanout and 2. the weather cooled down.

I tagged sources of what I could remember, but basically I’m just happy to be finding a style that works for me. Check my amazon storefront for cheap stylish finds!

Benedetta D sweater, American Eagle shorts


Shirt and pants from Fashion Nova, pumps Forever 21
Sweater – Michael Kors. Jeans – American Eagle

Top – American Eagle. Jeans – Celebrity Jeans found in my Amazon Storefront (link above)
Jacket Fashion Nova, ‘dress’ is just an oversized tee I got from my mom


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