Weightloss while nursing

A lot of Ig followers have asked me about losing weight while breastfeeding. Honestly it’s been pretty slow paced for me and I’m ok with that. My prepregnancy weight was around 125 lbs and I’m back to that now. However, a month ago I was around 132/135 lbs. I got down to this point with my at home workouts (contact me for details)

The last 10 lbs while nursing are always the hardest for me. I feel like the hormones that help me make milk also keep me holding on to some fat. And if I cut my calories 1. I’m hungry and 2. My milk supply suffers.

Yal know Vivian isn’t gonna have that.

So how’d I do it? Well, hubby started doing a fitness challenge with our gym. He asked me if I wanted to do it and I said “no thanks” 🤣. But he does all the grocery shopping so I had no choice. I told him I’d follow a meal plan if I could eat as much as I wanted of the right foods.

A typical day of eating for me goes something like this:

– 1 egg/2-3 egg whites and sprouted grain toast with jelly

preworkout, run (half marathon training), postworkout shake

– leftovers from dinner

– snack (shakeology (with spinach) or fruit and Greek yogurt)

– dinner choice

Popular dinner choices around here are air fried chicken and veggies, turkey burgers and a salad, or pulled chicken flatbreads.

The food is all good! And I’m never hungry. I’ve seen no dip in supply but in the challenge I lost nearly 7 lbs in 1 month!

I don’t count calories but I’d say I’m eating 2300 or so a day. We also have 1-2 cheat meals a week.

This plan won’t work for everyone, but it is definitely possible as a nursing momma to find a plan that works for you! – get yourself a personalized one from CSS now!

4 responses to “Weightloss while nursing”

  1. I gained 30 pounds in my pregnancy, so I’ve got some serious work to do. I used to be really active, but I’m sure you understand how having a new baby can restrict your routine. Have you found that cutting calories has messed with your supply before? So far it has been the only advice I have gotten, but I don’t want to mess with milk supply.


    1. I wouldn’t cut calories drastically. Did you say “i have a lot of work to do” when you found out you were pregnant and knew you needed to gain 25-35 lbs for a healthy pregnancy? No! You gained 30 lbs over 10 months, give yourself 10 months (after weaning for some of us) to get it off.

      Unfortunately cutting calories too low does affect my milk supply. Eating the right foods and drinking tons of water helps. How far postpartum are you? You can up activity slowly as you feel like it. I didn’t really up my activity level until 4-5 months postpartum.


      1. I’m 5 months postpartum and 175lbs. My post pregnancy weight was 145. You’re right, I need to give myself time. I’m becoming more active now that my body feels ready. Definitely drinking lots of water. Trying to increase proteins and reduce fat intake. Thank you for your quick response!


      2. Oh yeah at 5 months post I was still holding on to some. Like, I still looked a little pregnant. I don’t snap back fast at allll 😂. That’s ok though! You’ll notice the weight going down once you can move more. The first few months I felt like all I did was sit and feed a baby.


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