MI’ve been meditating lately, daily. It’s helped me a lot with my anxiety. I’ve said it before on social media – my brain is like a windows 97 computer. Sometimes it freezes or glitches just needs unplugged for a bit and restarted.

I started this when I was practicing for Vivian’s birth. Hypnobirthing uses meditation as a pain relief technique and it definitely works. I have a whole playlist of meditations for expecting mommas. (My favorites were this one and this one) I practiced every single night until Viv was born, and then quit cold turkey. No wonder I was so stressed! šŸ¤£

Sometimes I meditate in silence but usually I do guided meditations. Basically someone calmly telling me what to focus on and helping me relax. I find these on YouTube, and I thought I’d share some of my current favorites.

Positive Parenting Affirmations

10 minute meditation for moms to reduce stress

Mindful Mama guided meditation

These all relate to motherhood because that’s basically my full time job right now, but I just search “mindfulness” or “mindful mom” to find meditations that helps me come back to the present.

My mind spends too much time in the past or preparing for the future and I end up missing out on the here and now. When I meditate I try to bring it back to what really matters … right now.

If you have a guide you love share it below!

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