Why I switched from pocket diapers to covers and prefolds (or inserts)

If you arent familiar with types of cloth diapering systems read this first.

If you’ve been following my cloth diaper journey with Viv – you know I have too many diapers 😂. I fell in love with having lots of prints and colors and I loved the simplicity of pocket diapers. Once they’re stuffed and set up, they look like a disposable. It’s easy.

In fact I loved them so much that I sold my Grovia hybrid covers and inserts purchased more pockets.

Thirsties pocket diaper and inserts vs thirsties size 2 duo wrap and osocozy prefold

Then one day last week, I felt fed up. I wash diapers every 3 days. By then my diaper bins were overflowing.

In 3 days I was having a whole washer full of diapers. Like 25 diaper insert sets and their covers. I hang the pockets to dry so I was hanging TWENTY FIVE or more diapers.

And did i mention the inserts? My thirsties brand pockets have inserts that agitate out in the washer so they weren’t as annoying – but my mama koala pockets and most other brands require you to remove the pocket from the diaper before washing. So pulling a dirty insert out of a dirty diaper. (I found out how to do it without touching but still time consuming and gross).

Then after drying them (which took awhile because the interior is cloth) I would stuff the inserts inside and fold. Did I mention Vivian is a heavy wetter? So I was double stuffing them (so 50 inserts and 25 diapers to stuff). PLUS I have 2 different brands of pockets (thirsties and mama koala) so I had to sort the inserts too 😩.

Last week I just thought … this is stupid. I don’t want to do all this. I miss my covers.

Soooo I sold about 1/2 my pockets (23) and bought some covers and prefolds. I am now the proud over of 8 Grovia hybrid covers and 4 thirsties duo wraps (size 2) as well as some new osocozy prefolds.

I kept some pockets because they’re easier for Brian or people not familiar with cloth to use. And because I made the mistake of selling a type of diaper before and having to buy it back when I changed my mind 😂.

For now though – I’m all covers and prefolds/inserts (and my Grovia ONEs at night of course). For those not familiar – you do NOT have to change the cover every diaper change. Just wipe it out with a wipe and reuse (unless it’s soiled). We can usually use 1 cover for 3 diaper changes.

I also am using my bamboo inserts that I bought for my pockets in my covers (so i did not repurchase the Grovia hybrid inserts this time). I just trifold the prefolds and lay them in the cover like an insert. It’s simple! You can use any inserts in covers EXCEPT microfiber (they’ll cause a rash). More info on insert types here.

It’s awesome because today I’m doing diaper laundry – my bins were NOT full and it’s about 1/3rd as much stuff in the washer. And the covers dry super fast AND I can put everything else in the dryer on high. I am washing about 10 covers instead of 25 pocket diapers.

Another perk is only having to take a few inserts or prefolds when we leave the house (takes up less space). I’m sure traveling will be easier too.

The covers and prefolds/inserts are also a lot less bulky than the pocket diapering system.

Maybe this is an extension of my unexplained gravitation towards minimalism. I just feel like my life should be more simple.

Will this be permanent? Who knows. Nothing in my life ever really is 😆. But it’s working for us now.

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