Updates and still nesting – Closet Clean Out!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. Been working on a few things for the gym (follow us @csswellness) including a new website.

Anywho – what’s new?

LB started 5 (half) day a week preschool AND soccer. And even though Vivian is still always with me – it gives me a lot more free time. In that time I’ve done A LOT of decluttering. Honestly clutter gives me even MORE anxiety than I normally have and I hate not being able to find what I need because I’m too busy looking through junk I DONT need.

I’ve done our kitchen cabinets, shoe closet, and most recently – my clothes/closet.

Guys. I didn’t take before pics but I had SO many clothes. I probably consigned 40 pairs of jeans, 30 dresses, 70 shirts. all stuff I hadn’t worn in years. Not even fashionable stuff honestly.

I had purses so old that I found this in one

Seriously. That ID is from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

Maybe I’m a hoarder. But more than that – I have an unhealthy desire to shop. My mom is the same way – cannot pass up a good deal even if it’s not something she needs. Maybe that’s where I get it, I don’t know. But I realized one thing.

Once the “omg I got a good deal” high is over – I don’t want the stuff anymore. I don’t want to look through 200 shirts when I only wear 20. I don’t want to throw 20 pairs of jeans on the ground looking for the 1 pair I do. I don’t want to have to “change seasons” by packing up and bringing out clothes because I have too many. I don’t want to have hundreds of dollars of clothes I am not using sitting in my closet. I don’t want to grab an old unflattering shirt I should have thrown out while in a hurry and be stuck in it all day.

That money could go to my family, or even just to ME to do something for myself.

So I sorted and threw out everything that didn’t bring me joy, Marie Kondo style. That took my closet down from over flowing to fairly organized and nice. Here is an after pic.

I even did my drawers too! They all close now! It’s amazing 😂

And the bonus? It’s so fast and easy to get dressed in the morning. EVERYTHING fits and is fairly flattering.

It’s also much easier for me to put clothes away since I know where it all goes.

I donated my clothes to Salvation Army and goodwill (about an even split) and sold at Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. Both places pay cash on the spot for clothing. Plato’s Closet took a lot of my American Eagle and Jrs sized clothing. Clothes mentor took my women’s sized clothes and maternity.

I’ve also done the kids closets to an extent (i consign at Kid to Kid). My closets are much emptied, pockets much fuller and my anxiety is way down.

I have my handbags listed on the Mercari app (TarraYvette is my username) and on fb marketplace if anyone is interested. If they don’t sell this week they’ll be at Clothes Mentor too.

Anyone else decluttering?

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