Kitchen Renovation – 2 year update

I still to this day get asked questions about our kitchen renovation from 2017. And I’m tired of sharing an old blog post so here’s some updates šŸ˜‚

Since that post not much has changed in the kitchen other than decor and doing the grout renew pen. But i do get a lot of questions about how things have been holding up.

1. Cabinets

The cabinet paint has done really well considering how rough we are on them and how often I cook (several times a day usually). The only issues we have are where the doors meets the cabinet frame. After painting we only waited a couple days to put the doors back up. Then we went out of town for the weekend and a lot of them stuck closed. When we got them open it tore off some paint. I never took the time to properly touch it up because it would require me sanding and leaving the doors open for awhile and I’m lazy.

Any other nicks in the paint are from dropping something and it scraping the cabinet or LB repetitively hitting it with his toys.

I could touch all this up in a few minutes but again – lazy. Maybe next year when LB is in school.

2. Counters

I love butcher block counters because they are so durable and cute. Ours are from ikea. The details are on the original post, but if you go there now just make sure you get the solid wood ones not the wood over particle board. That helps prevent warping.

Ours are solid wood so no noticeable warping. I’m not great at upkeep. I should oil them once a week. It’s more like once a month. We don’t have any cracks though other than a hairline one to the left of the stove I noticed today while inspecting to write this blog ha.

You can’t really tell at all. I’m happy with how they turned out.

3. Sink/faucet

The sink is still absolutely fabulous and looks brand new. This was our one big ticket item but I’m so happy we went with the cast iron. The original faucet we had ended up being a dud – the flow got slower and slower over time. It also wouldn’t pull out far enough when we used it as a sprayer. It had a 1 year warranty so we got to send it back for a refund and replaced it with this faucet last year.

It has worked like a charm. Only thing needed here is to touch up the sealant around the sink. Still functional but could look better.

4. Misc.

Our old rug had to gizzo. It was filthy and washing it made the colors bleed. We replaced it with this rug. I know it won’t last forever but i still love it. It came in a different color scheme than pictured. I loved it so kept it.

On the backsplash there’s some caulk and grout that need touched up – mainly around outlets. We never got around to touching these up and we ran out of grout mix that day. One of these days I’ll go back and do that, too šŸ˜‚

That’s about it guys! The kitchen is by far my favorite room in the entire house. It turned out perfect and without spending an arm and a leg. One of these days I’ll invest in a new range (and fridge) so my appliances match. But until then – it is what it is.

All in all I highly suggest doing a DIY kitchen update. Why not?! It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s cheap and it holds up over time if you do it right.

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