STILL nesting somehow – grout renew

Somehow I feel like I’m nesting again. So I tackled something that’s bothered me for awhile. For some reason, whoever built this house picked out tile with basically WHITE grout for the floor. When we moved in I was totally unfamiliar with care and didn’t know it wasn’t sealed. So obviously it got disgusting. I really didn’t notice because I was working so much, but my the time we had been living there 6 months the floor looked totally different. So much so that in our painted cabinets before and after someone asked if we had changed the floor 😩

That was after only living here like 6 months! We have now been here almost 4 years.

I have tried everything over the years. I scrubbed, tried several grout cleaners, and homemade mixtures. I could get it CLEAN but it was still stained a dark color in most places.

I gave up because i didn’t want to regrout or pay someone to fix it up. I ignored it for years. My plan was to ignore until we could finally replace this disgusting tile.

On a whim the other day, I googled something about hating my grout. And I saw a product called Grout Pen – grout restorer.

It’s basically a little paint/sealant pen for your grout! After reading the reviews I bought 2 on amazon. I chose the larger size and cream color.

That was enough for me to finish the kitchen and half the dining room. I immediately ordered 3 more of the large size and 1 small size to get around the cabinets. I’m still not 100% done (have to finish the foyer and touch up some areas) but yal – look at this difference!

As far as tips, I don’t have many. It’s super easy. Shake the pen, press it a few times to prime it and then just draw down the line. Once it starts to get dry prime again. Repeat until you’re done. Some areas require 2 coats. I kept my almost dry pens to touch up those areas at the end.

The kitchen took me around 1.5 hours and about 1 and 1/2 pens. They cost $11 each. If I had to guess I’d say we have 300-400 sq ft of tile in there.

Please ignore the lighting change it was a different time of day but you get the drift.

And here’s the (Informal) dining room.

It finally looks like it did when we moved in again! I feel like it makes all the work of our kitchen renovation look so much better. Look at this transition from move in to present day.

Looks like a totally different house huh?? I wish I could get the same lighting but the Daylight LED light bulbs prevent that.

Anywho, I’ll update soon to let you guys know how it holds up to steam mopping and daily use but so far so good. I definitely recommend you get you some grout pens and try it!

I’ll leave you with this pic with our kitchen through the stages

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