Key tricks for surviving postpartum with LB

Having 2 kids is harder than having 1. Especially when one is an infant.

Here are some things that have made life easier for me with LB since I’ve had Vivian:

1. Making his own lower snack cabinet. I have a container of snacks for him, a water bottle, and napkins down there.

2. Reading chapter books. It’s fun for me and him, and I can do it while reading/rocking Viv.

3. Now that Vivian is older I let him “play” with Viv. This actually means playing beside her while she coos but he loves it.

4. Having big boy days – which are really 1-2 hour outings where it’s just me and him.

5. When all else fails – FaceTime. My parents and in laws are all in different states. In fact, all of our family is. LB loves to FaceTime and tell them about his day.

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