Cloth diapers made easy – night time cloth diapering

Cloth diapering during the day is much different than at night once your baby starts sleeping longer stretches. During the day most cloth mommas change every 2 hours (or whenever the diaper is soiled) so diapers only have to hold that much pee. But no one is waking a baby every 2-3 hours for a diaper change so night time cloth diapers need to be comfortable and absorb a lot.

Vivian is a heavy wetter (she obviously takes in A LOT of milk – just look at her 😂). She has been sleeping 8-10 hours at night since about 8 weeks old. I knew all along that there are a lot of cloth families that use disposables at night but I didn’t want that. So I needed a solution.

At first (Like before 2 months) she was fine with ANY of our one size cloth diapers at night as long as I doubled up. Once she started peeing more and rolling to her tummy to sleep that was CANCELLED. She was waking up soaking wet – clothes sheets and all.

That’s when I started putting her intentionally in either her thirsties pockets or Grovia hybrids. Because of the insert quality, these always worked for us.

Until it didn’t. Those options quickly became nap time options.

A friend of mine mentioned trying the Grovia ONE so I ordered one. It. Is. Amazing! It’s an all in one diaper with two inserts that snap in. It’s no-prep (wash 1x to use) and had an option to use snaps or Velcro closure.

It doesn’t fit much thicker than their Hybrids but it absorbs sooo much more. Viv slept a full 10 hours the first night and when she woke up, her diaper was SATURATED but no leaks at all. Her sleeper and bed were both dry 😊

So this is our night time solution from now on.

This just works for me – but other mommas try other solutions like a prefold/flat and cover, adding boosters to daytime diapers or using a fitted and cover. Trial and error was the name of the game for us.

What is your night time cloth solution?

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