Cloth diapering made easy – cloth wipes

When I first started cloth diapering I knew I would use disposable wipes. Why not? They aren’t that expensive and I didn’t want to be washing the wipes.

That changed quickly. I noticed that the natural thing to do when I change a diaper is to fold the wipe into the diaper and drop in the bin. I had been gifted some wipes from Thirsties so I gave them a try. I was in love.

Even the stinkiest “would have blown out a disposable” poo only took 1 cloth wipe.

I have 2 ways to use my cloth wipes. I have a wipe warmer that i used to load up with wipes that I had soaked in water (You can also purchase or make your own wipe solution. Water works just fine for us so I keep it simple).

I got tired of loading it pretty quickly. So now I use the peribottle I got from the hospital. It makes things soooo much easier and makes the wipes easy to pack in my diaper bag. I put the peribottle in the slot that bottles would go (Viv won’t take a bottle so it makes a good use for it).

I have three different types of cloth wipes – Thirsties, Prince Lionheart and Osocozy. I don’t recommend the Osocozy because they repel water until they’ve been washed like a billion times and they’re kind of thin – but they do get the job done for the price. My favorite is the thirsties – they are made from organic cotton so super absorbent and you can also fold them and use them as a booster (see types of inserts for info on boosters).

Oh and if you’re smitten with this diaper bag (it’s the best one ever for cloth diapers) you can grab it here.

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