It’s swimwear timeeee!

Alright guys, it’s that time of year that I need a swimsuit. I used to spend time store hopping and trying on things but now I just don’t have time or care that much. Last year, I ordered my new bikinis from Amazon. Honeslty I over order, try them on, and then send the ones I hate back. Last year I kept these three:


I couldn’t even bring myself to post the back of this one standing up LOL21696b73-2d89-48c0-a722-0a90ceeef8f8.jpg


white top/colorful bottoms


This cupshe suit


That thong tha thong thong thong


This year I want to go with some less revealing suits because

  1. My body is totally different because I had my second baby 11 weeks ago and still have diastasis recti.
  2. My breasts are 3x bigger because of breastfeeding and I don’t want them all hanging out
  3. Being totally honest, I am not as comfortable in my ‘new body’ as I was in my ‘old body’. I feel like a pubescent teenage girl learning how to dress myself all over again.
  4. I bought those suits last year for a baecation in Mexico with no kids. I do feel awkward when I’m out with the kids all sexified.

Sooo this year the goal is pretty/family/nursing friendly vs sexy. Here are the ones I have on my list to try this time:

This one is my favorite because it’s not super high wasit, still shows some skin – but is modest and covers more. Only thing is this one has no reviews (and I never order suits that don’t have a ton of good reviews) andddd the tan lines would be so weird.

this may be a little tooooo modest for my taste but it’s pretty and they have some nice color selections


I love some of the colors available on this one but not sure if it’ll hold the girls in



last high waist one

This one is a bit less modest but I like it and even with the diastasis I always think I look better in low rise suits because my upper body is so short.


I’ll update when I order some and try them on, but taking all suggestions you have for something that says “she’s a muva” instead of “shes a mother” or a Thotiana. lol! Do you have a suit suggestion? Share it with me!




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