Cloth diapering on a 4 day trip

So there were a lot of odd responses to my plan to cloth diaper Viv. Most were just that I wouldn’t do it (I am doing it and loving it). The other was that I would do it – but use disposables sometimes. I agreed with that. Maybe at night (since disposables absorb more, typically). Maybe when we left the house. Etc.

However once I started cloth, I realized – it’s not that hard. The world isn’t set up as convenient for cloth diapering BUT it can be done anywhere for less stress than going out and figuring out what size/brand of disposables to buy and how many you need lol. When I leave the house for an errand, I just grab another diaper or 2. I carry disposable wipes only because I don’t have a case that will hold wet cloth wipes yet, and I don’t feel like carrying wipe solution. Anywho, I figured if that was easy enough – I could cloth on our trip!

We were headed to Mississippi to see my in laws for my sister in law’s graduation (she got her MBA, yall. Shout out to black excellence -dance-). So I thought, ok. We always book an airBNB when we travel (because I mean hello, why pay $100 for a hotel when you can get a whole house??). So I knew we would have a washer and dryer – which kept me from having to carry back home dirty diapers (one of my fears – BUT possible).

So, I just grabbed enough diapers for 2-3 days. I only grabbed my favorite prints because I was going to be showing Viv off of course and wanted her to look her best. Here is what I brought:

Plus a few extra diapers in the diaper bag. It came out to 12 Mama Koala’s (bombbbbbb – BUY THEM. Trust me, such a great value. and save 10% with code VIVMKTHX), 4 thirsties (2 Natural All In Ones and 2 pockets), 6 grovia’s (3 hybrids and 3 all in ones) and 4 osocosy prefolds. Not shown is 1 large hanging wetbag and 2 small diaper bag sized wet bags. I also packed LB’s 2 large sized cloth pull ups for night time (we are still working on night time potty training so he is a cloth bum too).

Why so many types? Well, pockets are what I usually use all day. But I do like my all in ones (both grovia and thirsties) for when I need a trim fitting diaper under an outfit. Plus they’re cute and natural fibers so they absorb more. and the Grovia hybrids are what I use at night and on the road. Why? They hold a TON. They’re easy to fasten if I have to change her in my lap in the car (velcro/hook and loop style instead of snaps). AND I don’t have to change the whole diaper each time.

I can just remove the insert (which is in the center of this pic – it snaps in) and throw that in the dirty bag and replace with a prefold. So I can get 2-3 diaper changes out of each diaper as long as Viv doesn’t poo. And these style inserts and the prefolds hold the most liquid out of everything else i own.

I also packed a ton of cloth wipes which I didn’t use. Why? I should have prepped wipe solution in a squirt bottle OR wet them and put them in an old disposable wipe container Without them being pre-wet I am too lazy to use them. So we used disposables – which I hate because then I have to separate them to throw them away instead of just throwing it all in the wash.

But I digress. Anyway, turns out each day Viv uses 8-10 diapers. I could have made it all the way to Sunday AM before washing but I did was friday evening so I could have a specific diaper for graduation lol. I washed again Sunday AM so I only had to carry the dirty diapers we got from Viv on the road.

All in all – it was easy. Once we made it to the house and I could set up the large wet bag and not carry 4-5 diapers with us from the road anymore it was easy-peasy. It felt like beign at home. I do hate I didn’t plan better for cloth wipes because as I said, using disposables is a pain, but other than that it went off without a hitch.

Traveling with cloth is different, but not hard. 1 extra little bag and you’re good to go! And to be honest? with a washer and dryer I could have been fine with only about 16 diapers. And if we didn’t have 1? If i had 30 diapers Viv would be golden. I’d just have to pack the dirty ones for the ride home.

Have you ever taken cloth on vacation or a trip? How did it go?

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