Postpartum fitness – the core

Yal I got diastasis recti. Bad. Again. Over 4 finger widths at my postpartum appointment. The midwife said PT or therapy and I knew I had to get my ish together.

I literally hadn’t been doing ANYTHING not wearing my binder not doing any exercises, nothing. I was bitter. It wasn’t fair I had to. I should enjoy this time. Blah blah blah all that ish sounds good on Instagram but the truth is I AINT TRYNA GET SURGERY. This isn’t about vanity. DR can make everything hard because without core strength, running, walking, standing, it’s all hard. Not to mention how it looks.

So starting Thursday I started LIIFT4 4 days a week. And instead of the ab work at the end I do these exercises. I also do them at bedtime. And I’m wearing my binder.

I have 3. All are over 4 years old.

The left is from the hospital after having LB, middle I ordered from amazon once the left was too big, and right I ordered to sleep in because the Velcro ones irritate my skin or slip off. When I’m not binding (12 hours a day, but most of them when i sleep) I wear my dreaded spanx.

I hate them all. I hate binding. But I also hate pain and surgery so I’ll wear them until my ab separation is less than 2 finger widths.

I’m at about 3- 3.5 now in just 5 days. (I was at over 4).

I can’t say enough how fitness isn’t about vanity. You give your body what it needs, or you pay for prescriptions and surgeons and ish.

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