1st week of cloth diapering

Alright – Viv has been here for a week and since Monday we have been on our cloth diapering journey. The first 3 days of life we used disposables because that nasty black newborn poop is gross and we had some from the hospital. Monday we started in on our newborn stash. To get details on the entire stash, click here.

I also added 4 new diapers this week Our newborn stash now consists of:

3x thirsties newborn AIO

1x thirsties natural newborn AIO

4x Grovia newborn AIO

6x Alva newborn pocket diapers

2x lil joeys

2x imagine newborn AIO

2x glangles newborn AIO

My wash routine:

I use 1/2 the amount of tide detergent. We have a samsung top load HE washer. To wash I set it like this:

– presoak

– heavy duty

– extra rinse

– eco warm

This gets rid of alll the poop and keeps staining low for now. I may have to modify later on but for now this works.

Honestly it’s been simple. I take my dirty diapers and wipes and throw them in a wet bag hanging in Vs room. I do not rinse at all or touch the poop. I dump straight from the bag into the washer. The Alva pocket diapers .. I should unstuff but I forget. The good news is the inserts agitate out in the washer

So what are my thoughts on each brand?

Thirsties newborn (natural and regular) AIO – I love these. They have a wide size range due to snaps to size up and down – AND have an umbilical stump snap down. They’re trim under newborn clothes and adorable prints. Also pretty absorbent – no leaks so far. I ordered 2 more of these because I love them so much.

4x grovia newborn AIO – another I love and ordered 2 more of. The fit is perfect, they size up and down. They also come clean super easy in the wash and haven’t stained. My only complaint is there’s no umbilical snap down.

Alva newborn pocket diapers – great value (6 for $29-$36 on amazon). I don’t like that they don’t have a snap down for the umbilical stump, but it’s easy to work around now that she’s bigger. They are hard to stuff (I have a tip on this blog) but I like that they come with 2 inserts to modify absorbency. They size up and down and will probably fit another month or so.

2x lil joeys – I wanted to love these. I got this print on sale for under $10 each on amazon (regular price is $30 for 2). But the truth is – they aren’t very absorbent, they are super small (V will probably outgrow in 2 weeks), and they are so hard to clean. The double gausettes help prevent blow outs but also trap poo in the diaper during wash. It takes 2 washes to get them clean if I don’t rinse. If I had to stash again – I wouldn’t buy these.

2x imagine newborn AIO – these are good for the price. Set at $11 each. Shaped a little odd (wide between the legs) but they do have an umbilical snap down and hold in leaks. If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t buy these.

2x glangles newborn AIO – $5 each. Good for a couple days but don’t hold a lot of pee. Nothing to write home about. If I had to stash again – I would have gotten more Alvas instead of these.

My favorites are BY FAR the Grovia and Thirsties. I wish they were my whole stash honestly haha. I will remember as I add to my one-size diaper stash.

A lot of people use disposables until their baby fits into the one size diapers. Do I suggest getting a newborn stash? For people like me, yes. Why? It’s a good way to get into a groove of washing and cleaning with cloth. It’s fun and even though it’s pricier, the resale value is great because they aren’t used for long. For me it’s been a welcomed hobby to keep me cheerful during baby blues.

2 responses to “1st week of cloth diapering”

  1. Thank you for sharing your cloth journey! We’re thrilled that Thirsties cloth diapers are serving you so well! -Laura, Thirsties Social Media Coordinator ❣️


  2. Thank you for sharing this. It was very informative and helpful for moms just ready to begin their cloth diapering journey. Baby is super adorable, and clearly still comfortable sleeping in curled up positions like she’s still in the womb.


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