My Must Have Baby Items :)

Alright guys, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my favorite baby gear so I figured I should just share here. Of course there are a lot of baby items out there –  these are just the ones I use the most and am most excited to have.

  1. Of course I love my cloth diaper stash, but for times when I need a disposable diaper OR wipes/rash cream I head to a new site I discovered – Brandless! They sell certified organic, hypoallergenic, fragrance free baby items. So important for those of us with little ones that have sensitive skin. And their prices are AMAZING. Not just on their baby stuff – on everything. Check them out!
  2. This bomb Tom Tom baby hoodie. It’s still chilly here but I NEED the fresh air for my mental health. And you guys know I love to baby wear (more on that next). Make sure to check them out and snag one if you’re a baby wearing momma like me.
  3. Speaking of baby wearing! I am still 100% in love with my Solly Baby Wrap! I like the material better than the Moby I had when LB was a baby, and their colors are so sweet. They also sell super cute layette sets.
  4. This is random but I also love this collapsable hanging system to hang dry my diapers on. It folds in and out and doesn’t take up much space in my laundry room. Snag one here!
  5. My kid is so spoiled, I know. So don’t judge me for not only using cloth diapers – but using cloth wipes and using this wipe warmer to make sure they’re the perfect temperature for her bum.
  6. These don’t fit little bit’s tiny toes yet – but I love these cute little shoes by Mikela!

Stay tuned for my next post – I’ll go over my favorite newborn cloth diapers and what I love (or don’t love) about the ones I have for Viv.

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