Vivian Louise Leggett

Born 3/8/19 at 7:00 am. Weighing 7 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches long. I was 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. She’s perfect and healthy and nursing like a champ.

Here’s our natural birth VBAC story:

Thursday I was contracting lightly all day. I had a doctors appointment which I consented to a cervical exam. I was only about 2 cm and her head wasn’t engaged, so I told my parents (who live 2.5 hours away) to wait on coming up. Then I did stupid things like walking and eating pineapples and… “loving”.

What I didn’t know is that it was going to snow Thursday night.

Around 1 am I knew it was getting real. I woke Brian up. I couldn’t sleep and I called my dad to drive up. The 2.5 hour drive took them 4 hours.

My doula made it over around 3 am and started to help me through the contractions. They were so close and intense that nearly none of the relaxation techniques I’d practiced worked. I was annoyed meditating. I was extremely tired and mad I couldn’t sleep. I did take a bath, which helped, but other than that I walked or laid on my side the rest of the time. Music helped a lot. I wanted an epidural. Or to be put to sleep. 😂

Around 4 am I knew I had made a mistake. I should have scheduled a c section. I wanted my labor to stall so I could relax. My contractions were sending me to the potty and making me super hot. Deb (doula) was fanning me and telling me how great I was doing. I was telling her I wasn’t doing great because I wanted to give up. I stopped timing but they were probably less than a minute apart. I yelled at Brian. I told my dad to hurry up because i needed him.

At one point I heard a huge PLOP and I thought I’d given birth in the toilet. I literally yelled. It was the remainder of my mucous plug and the start of my water breaking.

A bit before 5 am my parents showed up to stay with LB. we set out in the snow storm. Brian was flying and beeping at people and we arrived at the hospital around 5:30. My water broke in the car and i was drenched. I was feeling the urge to push creep up. By 6 we were in the room. Mainly because i told them i was going to give birth in the lobby.

They were placing monitors and IVs and I just kept saying I needed to push. I told the IV lady to buzz off and the lady holding the monitor to do the same (hospital policy – continuous monitoring for VBAC patients). My birth plan wasn’t on file because I procrastinate. Which was a blessing in disguise because it said no students but the extra support I had from them kept me from giving up.

Upon my second cervical exam of this pregnancy I was told I was at 10 and ready to go. I tried pushing side laying because that’s where I was most comfortable. I was not handling contractions well and I wanted this to be over. I asked for the squat bar.

Squatting was too intense. Sitting up felt like it took all my energy so I couldn’t push.

I ended up laying back with Brian supporting me and my doula and midwife holding my legs back. I pushed for 50 minutes and total (all positions) and she was delivered. I didn’t realize she was out and told them (after birthing her and not knowing) that I had to quit 😂

What I learned:

Hypnobirthing is right. Labor isn’t painful. It’s just INTENSE. I couldn’t wait for the contractions to be over so I could relax. And pushing was such a strong instinct but it HURT. I did end up with a minor tear and torn labia.

I think the natural birth helped a ton. She was born at 7 am. But I was up and walking by 8 am. My baby isn’t bruised up like LB was. I didn’t vomit and the word C-section wasn’t even mentioned.

The whole “intense this is labor for real” labor lasted 5 hours (2 am to 7 am). The hardest part was not knowing when or how it would end. And pushing. Pushing was exhausting after a sleepless night.

I forgot my glasses in the car which was a win because I think if I’d have seen what was happening to my girly parts I would have given up.

My midwife was a champ. Apparently V had a cord wrapped around her head and I didn’t even notice. Brian told me after that Hayden pushed V back in for a second and simply unwrapped it – then helped her shoulders out at the next push.

Anywho – more details later but here’s pics. Pro tip: labor in a bonnet to preserve ur curls 👌🏾

10 responses to “Vivian Louise Leggett”

  1. Omg this just made me so happy! I’m glad you were able to have a successful VBAC. You’ve just motivated me to try a natural birth again.


  2. I just love how open you are. Congratulations once again! Ya I remember telling my husband “can we come back tomorrow?” Mind you, I was in the middle of pushing 😂. I refused an epidural but girl, I had to have those pain meds cause I was about to pull my husband’s arm off.


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