Nesting with Tarra… 37 weeks again

I finished the nursery today. First of all let me say how CRAZY it is how primal and instinctual I (and I assume most other women) am during pregnancy. Omg. I woke up today and out of the blue, the nursery HAD to be done. I was almost rabid waiting on the amazon packages. I couldn’t wait for Brian to hang the curtains – I had to do it myself. And the wall art. And everything else. It was like some outside force was controlling me.

Any who , i finally pulled the trigger and ordered the rest of the decor from amazon over the weekend and then went to hobby lobby today (who happened to be having a 50% off wall art sale 💃🏾).

Take a tour with me

I’m still not sold on the curtains but we will see how I feel over the next couple of days. I may switch them to something more neutral.

LB was a huge help and his favorite part is the rug lol

Thank you to everyone that has gotten (or made!) Stuff for baby girl Leggett’s room ❤️

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