Lazy wash n go

I wanted to give you guys info on my lazy wash n go method!

This is the method I used 24/7 before I had a devacurl stylist show me how bomb my hair could be with full shingling (Click here for shingling routine). The only issue with that? It takes a long time – about an hour. It doesn’t last long (3 day hair looks crazy) and my results are inconsistent. I’m just not good at it and honestly the more i separate curls and smooth them, the more frizz i get! Especially at the front of my hair.

For example here are my results last week shingling with kinky curly (defining every curl) vs my lazy method with the same products (prayer hand method) both on day 2.

Left – shingling. Right – prayer hands.

Anywho – how does it work. The first part of the routine is the same as always – divide hair into 4 sections to wash. Wash and condition each section. I use this deep conditioner:

Then comb out and put in a twist.

Then I rinse out the deep conditioner, add my kinky curly knot today (like a quarter sized amount or more for each section) and comb through with my modified denman. That leaves me with some nice defined curls.

After that I take the kinky curly curling custard and put a glob in my hands. I rub my hands together, and clap them at the top of the hair section. Then I drag it down through the ends in a “prayer hand” hold. Here’s an example of hand placement (on dry hair cuz I’m pregnant and lazy, yal).

Once I’m done I move to the next section.

Here’s the finished product wet and dry (sorry for the instastory video/pic – I wasn’t planning on blogging lol)

this all happens in the shower and takes me less than 30 minutes. It’s also a lot less manipulation on my hair (only combing through once and not touching much after).

Pros of this method:

Much faster and more consistent. Results last longer (4ish days before I need to do a puff or pin the front back).

Cons of this method:

Less movement – where the curls are clumped larger my hair doesn’t swing as well. Some of the curls are clumped larger and it looks like a twist out of I don’t separate good. And I find it hard to get my roots as defined.

Overall though, for the time saved both during styling and how much longer it lasts – it’ll stay in my routine for busy days 😊. Maybe one day I’ll perfect my shingling routine to get consistent results from it, too.

More pics from day 2:

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  1. You are so beautiful!! I love your hair 😍😍😍


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