Nesting with Tarra – 37 weeks aka cloth diaper prep

I haven’t been nesting lately. Since my earlier escapades (17/18 weeks – Nesting with Tarra, 16 weeks in “Nesting with Tarra”, This week in “Nesting with Tarra”) I have slowed down. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy and I haven’t done anything.

Yesterday I had the urge to get the babies stuff together. So I washed my first load of laundry – her 0-3 month and newborn clothes.

And then I tackled the cloth diaper prep.

How did I do it?

After reading tons of blogs and all the washing instructions on the diapers I decided to separate into two loads – synthetic (like microfiber) and natural fiber (like bamboo and organic cotton). I did this because apparently the compounds washed off during prep from natural fibers can reduce the absorbency of microfiber diapers.

Anywho here’s my two loads. For the synthetic I had a newborn thirstiest, my alvas (newborn and one size) and 1/2 of my mama koalas.

For my natural fiber I had the other 1/2 of my mama koala (bamboo), Charlie bananas, thirstiest natural newborn AIO, lil joeys, imagine newborns, grovias (which are actually preprepped but I thought may as well throw them in), and all of my cloth wipes and prefolds.

For a complete list of my stash, check out this post. The only ones missing from that post are my newest gift, 5 Oh Baby Ka bamboo AIO diapers. They have a pocket for an optional insert. I washed them with the natural fibers but then stuffed with some extra microfiber inserts I had from my Alvas. I like them because they have holes for the insert on both ends – which means the insert will agitate out in the washer so I don’t have to unstuff. And they’re pretty cheap. They were purchased from amazon for $37.99 for 5.

Anywho back to prep. I washed each load 3x. Once with a full load of tide free and clear on hot in a regular wash cycle with an extra rinse. Then 2 more quick wash cycles with 1/4 the amount of detergent.

Afterwards I tumbled dry on low heat.

Then came the tough part.. stuffing and organizing.

Actually that wasn’t bad – other than the newborn Alva pocket diapers. My other newborn diapers are all in one so no stuffing needed. Yal, they’re so tiny it’s hard to stuff. My tip is to flip the diaper inside out, grab the insert and pull it back through. Like such:

I did the synthetic diapers Sunday night and got them stuffed and put away. Then Monday AM I finished up the natural fibers.

After stuffing I realized I didn’t like my old diaper storage method. I felt it was inconvenient because it wasn’t near the dresser or changing table.

Here’s a pic of the old method:

So I relocated everything to the dresser. This also gives me more hanging room for her clothes. Here’s the new method

Clearly I got too carried away with diapers since it takes up two drawers. But to my defense, once I’m done with the 16 newborn sized diapers it’ll all fit in one… maybe.

That’s about it! How did you prep your cloth stash? How are you storing?

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