Cloth diaper stash

Who wants to take a peek inside my cloth diaper stash??

This is my first go round with cloth diapers. I wanted to cloth diaper when I was pregnant with LB, but with daycare being a factor and just my overall fear of being a first time mom – I decided not to. This time around I decided to go for it! I get to be home with this baby due to my coaching biz. Plus I believe in the benefits of cloth diapering. Which include:

  1. SAVINGS. The average family spends about $2400 on disposable diapers from birth to potty training. I personally have spent less than $100 on my cloth diaper stash (I’m crazy thrifty and have been gifted plenty).
  2. Theyre ADORABLE. I mean really. Look how cute they are.
  3. Cloth diapered babies tend to potty train sooner (they are more aware of when they are wet).
  4. Less chemicals. Disposable diapers even SMELL like chemicals to me. Unless you buy the more expensive organic brands, when brings me back to #1.

Idc that I have to wash poop or even touch it. I’m a mom. It’s gonna happen. So anyways – my stash!

I knew I wanted mostly AIO and pocket diapers. These do cost more but they’re also so cute and easier to put on. I was also told to get a bunch of different brands and see what I like once she’s here – so I did. I also built a newborn cloth diaper stash (mostly gifts). Some moms opt to use flats/prefolds (more old fashion style cloth diapers) or disposables until babies can fit into one sized diapers (typically around 8-9 lbs). Newborn diapers typically fit 5-12 lbs.

Enough blabbing. Here’s the goods!:

Newborn diapers:

I have a total of 16 newborn sized diapers. I’m hoping this will get me through until baby fits into one size diapers. LB was born at nearly 8 lbs so if she is too – shouldn’t be an issue.

First up! I have 2 Imagine Baby newborn AIO diapers. I like these because they’re super soft and bamboo, cute as a button. I also like that they have the snap down for the umbilical stump and the price isn’t too terrible ($11.95 per diaper). I did purchase these but I used a credit I got for opening an Amazon credit card.


Next I have 2 Little Joeys Newborn AIO diapers. I like these because of how cute they are, the umbilical stump, and how soft they are. They have the most talk online because of how popular they are. These are a weird print – I know. I ordered this one because it was marked down to $13 for 2 diapers. Regular price is $29 for a set of 2. These are pricier and won’t last long if you have a bigger baby, but I had to try them!


Followed by “premium organic newborn cloth diapers“. Real talk guys I ordered these because I could get 2 for like $11 and I loved the flower print. They seem super thin so I doubt they’ll work more than the first couple of days. But they’re cute and I like them. img_0589.jpg

Next are these Alva Baby Newborn pockets. Also got these with a gifrtcard so $0 in them really. Alva is a very popular brand of budget diapers (i don’t like the term ‘china cheapies’ – sounds racist af). Unlike the previous diapers listed these come with inserts to stuff into the tiny pockets. These do not have an umbilical snap so may have to be used after the stump falls off. But all in all seem very well made and like they’ll do fine. $29 for 6.

These are my Thirsties Newborn AIOs. I have a natural (gifted) and a regular (purchased). They run about $15-18 per diaper – so pricy – but also fit until a larger size than most of the other AIOs.They have a umbilical snap plus a snap to change the rise. The prints are the best I’ve seen and beautiful. One of these will probably be the first I put on her. You can visist for more info.

Grovia newborn AIOs! These were both gifted to me by the awesome people at Grovia. More info on these can be found here. I love them – super cute and super tiny with an adjustable rise. Grovia has been super helpful with building my stash and I love their products 

One size diapers:

These are the diapers that will carry her from about 8-10 lbs until potty training.

First up! Charlie Banana one size diapers. These are a pocket style diaper (like the majority of my one size stash). You can find my review on these here. I love their sizing system much better than the snaps everyone else uses. Cute prints, great sizing. These were gifted to me by Charlie Banana.

Bum Genius Freetime diapers! I grabbed these from Babies R Us with a coupon so I didn’t spend much on them. These are the only AIO diapers in my one size stash, the rest are pockets. I’m nervous about the dry time but have heard great reviews in general.

Grovia One AI2 diaper. I love these because unlike a traditional pocket, the insert is snapped into the diaper. That means you can change JUST the insert for pee diapers and reuse the shell. This was also a gift from the lovely folks at Grovia, but I plan to purchase more. All of my other diapers are snap closure, this is hook and loop. However the material doesn’t look like it’ll wear out like other brands of hook and loops.

Mama Koalas! I purchased 6 of these on a giftcard (so I have $0 in them) and then WON A GIVEAWAY on their instagram for the second 6! Mama Koala is another budget friendly brand that I love for that reason. They have great reviews and are also really kind people and easy to get in touch with on social media. Their prints are really cute and a pack of 6 diapers only runs you about $39. they also do a lot of giveaways on their instagram.

Alvas! Purchased these because of the value for the price. They are the same brand as the newborn 6 pack I have. Cute prints, $30 (or less) will get you a pack of 6. 

Other things:

I also have a heavy wetter fitted that was gifted to me by a friend who cloth diapered in the past, some grovia diaper balm that they sent to us, and some cloth wipes gifted by Thirsties. Oh, and tons of inserts (most pocket diapers come with 2 inserts per diaper) and some prefolds from Grovia :).

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