What is a Mumbelli and why did I choose it?

As yal know i’ve been collecting baby items like I’m due tomorrow. I had been researching sleeping options since I was about 12 weeks.

With LB, we made mistakes. We had his crib of course and other than that just a pack n’ play with a built in bassinet. LB hated it. We ended up cosleeping (safely) and I was ok with that – but I want to be better prepared this time.

In my research, I came across the mumbelli. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

Basically it is an adjustable sleeping solution, The plan is to keep it small to remind the baby of the comforts of the womb. The barrier in there is adjustable to make it larger as the baby grows. It’s also light and portable, so I can let baby girl nap wherever I am instead of only in her room. AND when the time comes I can transfer the whole mumbelli to her crib so she gets used to sleeping in there.

Things I love: the material seems cozy yet not too warm. The sides are firm so she wouldn’t roll out, but also flexible so if she were to roll over (mumbelli is not for babies once they start rolling over) she wouldn’t end up in an unsafe position. I love that it’s light and would be easy to travel (even comes with a carrying bag!). And I love that the price doesn’t break the bank!

Of course we never know what baby is going to like until they get here – but I’m super hopeful for this. Can’t wait to swaddle her and place her in this little cozy bed 🙂

Check out their instagram for more pics! And if you want one – click here to order on amazon! They’re $30 off for a limited time – making them only $99!

One response to “What is a Mumbelli and why did I choose it?”

  1. You are doing beautifully. Making the Leggett name happy and proud


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