Charlie banana one size diaper review

I didn’t cloth diaper with LB, so this will be my first time. I really wanted to with LB but I had trouble finding a daycare center familiar with them, and also just thought it would be too much work at an already tough time (transitioning back to work). Anywho, this time things are much different since with coaching I can work from home and be with my kiddos all day.

I’ve heard a lot about the popular brands and even got my hands on some other brands. Charlie Banana is one of the most frequently talked about brands I know of, and they were kind enough to send me a couple diapers for our baby girl.

First of all let me say these are SO SOFT. Like ridiculously soft. And very well made/stitched.

Each diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts which is awesome if you need to double stuff them. The diapers go into the pocket which is easy to stuff. AND unlike a lot of OS (one size) diapers, you don’t have to fool with snaps to size these diapers down. They have a bra-strap like pull to tighten the leg openings near the pocket flap.

Anddddd easy instructions because I’ll admit I was totally confused at first LOL!

These go from size XS to L. Here is a size small compared to a large (because I honestly didn’t know it went to XS until after this lol)

And here is a large compared to an XS

The size difference is amazing. I think a large would still fit a 2-3 year old! Here is a copy of their size chart:

and they sent an adorable wet bag

Of course I’ll revisit these and compare to others in my stash once baby is here – but at first glance I absolutely LOVE them and think their adjustable sizing system is unmatched.

Go grab you a few at

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  1. […] are a pocket style diaper (like the majority of my one size stash). You can find my review on these here. I love their sizing system much better than the snaps everyone else uses. Cute prints, great […]


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