Joovy Boob Bottle Review

Clearly Joovy knew something I didn’t when they sent me these bottles! They sent pink before we knew the sex of the baby haha. They were right!

Anywho – what are my thoughts?? I had actually planned on getting glass bottles for this little baby from the get go. I like that glass is easier to clean, safer, and doesn’t absorb odors. These bottles come in both 5 and 8 oz. I examined the 5 oz because as a breastfeeding mom I’ll never need more than a 5 oz bottle until I wean.

This doesn’t matter but the packaging is cute and i like it lol.

The flow from the nipple seems good with only a very slow drip when holding it upside down. The 5 oz bottle came with a stage 1 nipple. The 8 oz came with a stage 2. As a breastfeeding mom I will never use that lol but if I formula fed I would think it would be helpful.

I’ll have to test it out with baby before I can judge the nipple shape, to me it looks a bit longer and more narrow than other breast shaped nipples but that doesn’t mean baby won’t like it.

The bottle shape makes it easy to hold and the cushions are comfortable. I dropped it from the counter (lord help me) and it didn’t break or scratch.

And most importantly – easy to assemble!

Just 2 dishwasher safe pieces.

The bottles are 21.99 each and can be purchased here.

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