Nanobébé bottles!

So it wasn’t until recently I realized how much baby products have changed in the past 4 years! I always assumed I’d go with the same ol bottles for this baby that I used with my last. However there were things I didn’t like about those bottles (not easy to clean – hard to pump into even with the adapter, hard to find, etc). But I am a breastfeeding mama and don’t bottle feed often. So whatevs…

Until i realized there are bottles made JUST for us nursing mommas to help keep our milk as perfect as it is when it comes out of us!

Enter these odd looking bottles. (Oh, and yes I did cry when I got this package. These are my baby’s first item).

Well, I guess they look how bottles should – like a boob haha. The reason for the shape is it spreads the milk out in a thin layer so it cools down quicker. Cooling quicker = more nutrients are preserved! But that’s not all I like about these bottles.

1. They are easy to assemble. There’s 3 parts – the base, dome and nipple/cap. The base and dome can be assembled one handed (base is just pushed into dome – not twisted). And the base has a rubberized feel so it doesn’t slide around as you’re trying to twist on the cap. Awesome for times you’re holding the baby trying to prep a bottle.

2. With the twist on caps – these bottles are STACKABLE. So yeah – you could store them in the fridge in very little space. No worries about them falling either since the base is not slick.

3. They cool down super fast. I tested this by putting hot water in this bottle and an old bottle I have and placing in the fridge. In 15-20 mins the nanobebe bottle was already cold to the touch. The other bottle was not. I’d assume this means they heat up quicker too! Yay.

4. The bottle set includes an adapter so you can pump straight into the bottles! Always a win.

5. I thought the bottle shape would be awkward but it’s not at all – and I’d think babies could hold these to feed themselves easier than a traditional bottle.

6. They’re affordable! A 3 pack of bottles is only $22.99.

Basically I am all about these bottles and can’t wait to give them a try with the baby. I can’t thank Nanobebe enough for letting us try them out!

They also have a breast milk storage system with the same idea in mind. They freeze flat and are flat bags (unlike others where I had to try to lay them flat and pray they froze that way lol). Freezing flat means they thaw faster. More time and more nutrients! Yay.

Visit the Nanobebe site to grab your own set!

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