16 weeks in “Nesting with Tarra”

My plans for laundry beautification were interrupted last week because it was fall break. No preschool so no alone time.

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Anywho – I decided to work on it over the weekend when Brian could entertain LB and I could have my sister help with paint.

First things first, I had to pick a paint color. Which was HARD. I wanted to go with a blue color but honestly we have so much blue in our house. And it’s a small space so I thought I could get a little wild and go with a purple tint.

I planned on painting a billion swatches before picking but I walked Into Lowe’s and this color called my name

So I went with it. (Paint was SO necessary since the room hadn’t been painted since the house was built in 2006 (8 years before we bought it) and the walls were so beat up).

Next I needed shelves for our laundry baskets. I was tired of only having 2 baskets and we didn’t have space for more without a storage solution. So i used 20″ Rubbermaid shelves to fill a little nook and make it our basket storage.

I also got some cute little knobs for the cabinet. I still had chalk paint left from my last project so I used those materials for the cabinet

Saturday my sister came up to help me paint and we knocked that out in about 3 hours. Then I had to get ready for a wedding. Once we got back I was pooped.

Sunday AM Brian hung all the new shelves for me and put the old one back. And hung the holder for the ironing board. Then I got to clean and organize and decorate.

Here’s the before and afters:

Another project down! Way over budget. I spent about $350 on supplies (paint, knobs, shelving, hardware, new laundry baskets, storage bins, etc). I was thinking this would only cost me 100-200 😂. Oops. If I had been able to reuse our old baskets, though, it would have been a lot cheaper.

Honestly I’d been on Pinterest all last week and had all these plans. Wooden shelves. Moving our initial shelf up and adding another. New counters. Etc etc.

But then i decided to go with what we really needed. Which wasn’t much.

Next week in “Nesting with Tarra” I’ll be cleaning out and organizing the kids closets 😊

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