Furniture Rehab!

So I’m back at it with painting my futniture. You may remember from the last time I did some furniture rehab. Sooo here we go, we bought a new comfy chair for our bedroom and it is gray. We had to rearrange the entire room to fit this chair, and it ended up with our chest of drawers directly by our night stands. The problem?

Our night stands are mine from college. I got them from Big Lots. And our dresser and chest are mix matched too, though they’re nice and real wood (given to us by a friend). So all the woods are different colors.

Brian couldn’t stand it lol. So I promised him I would paint the night stands and dresser. So I picked a day and got to it. I’m 13 weeks pregnant so it’s not like the fatigue is going to go away anytime soon lol. Just had to push through.

As usual I used my  favorite value chalk paint by Rustoleum. I like it because of the price point (about half the price of the Lowes brand) AND the quality. I also bought some chalk paint brushes which honestly were good but they shed. I should have soaked them first.

Anywho, I went to work. Here are the before pictures of it all

I did not paint that beautiful chest. I left it the same lol.

I started with the night stands because I assumed it would be easier since they’re so small. My plan was to paint Wednesday with LB (night stands) and do the dresser when he was in preschool Thursday.

Dude. The night stands were TERRIBLE to paint. It’s the first fake wood product I’ve ever used chalk paint on and it did NOT want to adhere. Look at this first coat


So what I thought would be quick and easy really took nearly 4 coats of paint (waiting an hour or 2 in between), and some sanding. But alas, they were finished. I lightly distressed with a sanding block and then I used some leftover wax I had from my last project and boom. They were all done.


I wasn’t set to do the dresser until the next day – but since I was doing so many coats of paint on the night stands I went ahead and threw coat #1 on it after LB went to bed. Since it was real wood and a nice quality piece – it actually covered normally. Thank goodness.


The bad news? the drawers couldn’t come out. It has a center roller on the drawers and according to google and the product website, a firm pull should get them to release. However, a firm pull from my strong behind almost toppled the whole thing over. So I just worked around them. I pulled them open and painted them, let them dry, put the hardware back on, then closed them to paint around them where I couldn’t reach. Still only took 2 coats to do the whole piece so it took less time than the night stands, really. After the 2nd coat dried I lightly distressed with a sanding block then waxed.

And just like that I was done! Here’s the before and afters


I toyed around with the idea of switching out the hardware on them both to my favorite hardware (I’ve used on 2 dressers and my desk) but I decided to keep what we had for now.

The pic of the dresser looks a little splotchy in that last pic because the wax was still wet. I’m too pregnant and tired to take a new picture lol. Anywho, I’m happy with the outcome! Some new bedding, curtains, rug and a mirror and we will be just about done with our room 🙂

3 responses to “Furniture Rehab!”

  1. OMG! That’s for sharing this. I have some old furniture this is still sturdy but has been moved around so much it has all kinds of scratches… I might try this.

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    1. You definitely should! Such a cheap and easy way to spruce things up.

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  2. […] to share the final bedroom transformation because I just love how it turned out. You guys saw the furniture transformation here – but I couldn’t stop there. Soooo I knew what I needed. That blank wall – had to […]


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